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Biking pants for women. Off road bike gear

Biking Pants For Women

biking pants for women

    for women
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biking pants for women - Red Ledge

Red Ledge Unisex Adult Thunderlight Full-Zip Pant Full Side Zip Rain Pant,Black,Large

Red Ledge Unisex Adult Thunderlight Full-Zip Pant Full Side Zip Rain Pant,Black,Large

Red Ledge is known for offering cutting edge outdoor apparel at an affordable price and the Thunderlight full side zip pant is no exception. Our own patented T-Core® waterproof/breathable coating is applied to lightweight rip-stop nylon taffeta in conjunction with a DWR (Durable Water Repellant) finish. The Thunderlight full side zip pant features include an elasticized waistband with an adjustable draw cord and adjustable Velcro® side tabs. If removing your shoes or boots in order to don a pair of rain pants is not an option for you, the full leg side zippers come in handy and each have interior and exterior storm flaps for superior protection from the elements. The knees are articulated for ease of movement and there are adjustable Velcro® tabs at the cuffs to customize the fit. As with all our Thunderlight products, this pant comes in it’s own mesh stuff sack for easy storage and portability; but if you’re not a stuff sack sort of person, this pant also will pack into it’s own zippered back pocket. Weight: 12.5 oz. Be sure to check out our Men’s and Women’s Thunderlight Parkas!

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a Close to a Perfect Day

a Close to a Perfect Day

description of this adventure to come. one wild day on martha's vineyard with my roommate megelizabeth, who is amazing.

ok here we go:

so it was a five-dollar trip to the vineyard through our school. highlights involve megan making out with a baby named caroline on the ferry, discussing the inadequacies of the movie titanic, and deciding it would be a good idea to rent a moped to zip around the island. at first the mopeds seemed a little pricey, but we eventually found a small, sketchy vendor that was cheaper than the rest. we were mostly seduced by the sexy woman with the sexy accent advertising for them in front of the shop. she wanted a credit card number even though we were paying cash... hmmmmm? anyways, we were led to the back by a small, spanish man who instructed us to pick out some hideous imitation crocs for our feet, and helmets. we followed his instructions, and headed out towards the mopeds. he quicky sent us back in to get motorcycle helmets instead of bike helmets. then he posed this question: have either of you ever driven a moped before? and that's when our stupidity and improper planning came crashing through the ceiling onto our heads. we looked at each other, and said no.... i considered asking for a refund right there, but that image of the two of us cruising around like badasses was too fantastic to resist. so he began instructing us how to turn the lime-green monster on, and how to ride correctly. i was ready to grab the handlebars and go, but he noticed that my feet didn't reach the ground as i sat there quelling pangs of nervousness, and he decided i wouldn't be driving.

so meg had to drive the whole time, with my fat ass on the back. she took the moped for a couple of spins around the block, and eventually decided that she was comfortable enough not to kill us both. now you're probably thinking - wow you two are pathetic, not being able to drive a little moped - well screw off it's hard your first time. anyways, we putted around on a straightaway at about 5 mph for a few miles, getting unsought attention as we were two little girlies, one straddling the other on a machine, going ridiculously slow with our panties exposed as our skirts (also poor planning) flapped in the wind. it was quite a sight to behold. as the day went on we both proceeded to shit our pants in terror as buses rushed past us, and get good and sunburned.

a woman about 40 came up to us at one point, and told us that she was a mother, worried for our lives. then she took our picture for us. we spent some time in edgartown and oak bluffs, and spoiled an oily european couple's privacy on a small beach where we swam in the warm, clear water. as megan gained more confidence with the moped, and the speedometer reached 35 mph, i realized that a boy i know died his first time on a motorcycle a week ago, and i got a little nervous again. especially when meg's skirt flew up in the breeze and she fussed with it as the moped leaned toward oncoming traffic. before heading back home on the ferry, we made sure to ride on the famous flying horses carousel with some very young children and their parents. neither of us got the brass ring, but i would have felt guilty stealing the thunder from some four-year-old. i already had my squished penny from one of those penny-squishing machines, so i was pretty satisfied anyways.

on the bus home from the ferry, we discussed how megan majors in high-class prostitution at school with a boy from my drawing class who now thinks that megan and i are secret lovers. we arrived home and had pizza from good eats and thought about our wonderful day :)

Fame & Glamour Museum Tour 6/23/2006

Fame & Glamour Museum Tour 6/23/2006

CD F: 3536 Photo: Bike & Boa Fuzz. Fame & Glamour Museum Tour led by Carye Bye (The Bathtub Art Museum Director) for Pedalpalooza. Fifteen cyclists gathered at the Laurelhurst Theatre to embark on a journey flirting with the famous. A few feathered boas, fancy shirts, and sunglasses amongst us. Our first stop was the amazing Velveteria Museum of Velvet Paintings (NE 28th & Glisan) run by Caren & Carl - We oohed and aahed at the Velvet poodles, John F, Kennedy with piercing blue eyes, and took quiet turns in the naked lady backroom parlor. We also almost got to see a real deal making on a clown velvet painting, but with the large crowd, the seller was asked to come back later. Out back in the warm sun, we pedaled through Laurelhurst, cruising by mansions, and through the park, then we took a quick look at a yard sale before heading down Peacock lane to Mike's Movie Madness (SE 43rd & Belmont). Mike gave us a detailed tour of all the amazing movie memorabilia he's collected from film studio auctions - Barbara Streisand's Owl & Pussy Cat sexy pant-suit, Blue Velvet's Ear, Orson Welles Touch of Evil Suit. At the end of the tour, we came to a small Bathtub Art Museum instore display of about a dozen postcards of celebrities & cartoon characters in bathtubs (Betty Boop, Marilyn Monroe, Laurel & Hardy…) And our last stop, dessert! (soy icecream & fresh berries) at a glamorous apartment above the Avalon - The "Movie Stars in Bathtubs" book (1975) was passed around. As well as there was another postcard disply of glamorous tubs & women. Stories of Fame broke out (We had put on name tags of someone famous we'd met or seen). The best by far was Carl's - who wrote Tonya Harding - Soon the past was spilling out, who knew, Mr. Larson was a child ice skater brushing elbows will all sorts of skate princesses & princes when he lived on the East Coast.

biking pants for women

biking pants for women

Sugoi Women's Espresso Pant (Black, Large)

The Sugoi Espresso Pant fits comfortably to keep you warm before or after your workout. Midzero stretch fabric wicks moisture away from your skin, and a fleece-lined interior is warm and soft against your body. Two low-profile zipper pockets are a great place to warm your hands or store a key and an energy bar. Seven-inch ankle zippers let you slide the Espresso over your shoes or boots after a workout.

Product Features
Material: 87% polyester, 13% spandex
Waist: elastic, drawcord
Pockets: 2 front zip
Side Zippers:
SPF Rating:
UPF Rating:
Recommended Use: pre- and post workout
Manufacturer Warranty: 30 days

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