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Bicycle Light Set - 2010 Trek Mountain Bike

Bicycle Light Set

bicycle light set

    bicycle light
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Christmas Bicycles

Christmas Bicycles

From the 2008 Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights display in Disney's Hollywood Studios. Used the Nikon SB-600 Speedlight in Rear Sync mode and at its lowest power setting of -3. The flash filled in the dark areas just before the shutter closed after a 1/4 second exposure to build up the ambient light of the display.

Exif Data
Camera: Nikon D70 dSLR
Lens: Nikon 18-200VR
Shutter: 1/4s (Thank you VR technology!!!)
Aperture: f/4
ISO: 200
EV: +0.3
FL: 28mm (42mm FX)
Flash: Rear Sync at -3 Power

ready, set... ride! nightrider

ready, set... ride!     nightrider

so my friends over at ready, set... ride! have organised another community bicycle ride adventure.

and this time it's at night!

so dig your old bike out of the cobwebs, attach as many lights as you can find, and come for the ride!

meet: 8pm @ Victoria Square
(under the big xmas tree)

the last one was fantastic, with over 70 bikes there.
i'll be bringing my strida fold-up bike! :)

see you there. x

bicycle light set

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A 85cc dirt bike - Bike peddler.

A 85cc Dirt Bike

a 85cc dirt bike

    dirt bike
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So, the very first time I ever dislocated my shoulder was in a motocross race.
I wrecked...but I finished with my shoulder flung out. It hurt. But, not near as bad
as the next few times it came out. The second time, I was loading bikes in the back of
our trailer. It was early, still dew on the ground. My feet were slippery. I slipped
right off the ramp and landed on that bad boy AGAIN. This time hurt worse...but I managed
to pop it back in without a trip to the ER. Well, at least for a few minutes. It yanked
out for good while putting the toolbox in the trailer...but the story just drones on from
there. :)

It's all good though, because to date, Nater has had no serious motocross injuries and
if I have to take one for the team, I will and GLADLY! Don't get me wrong. There is
always wreckage. Our racing logo reads "Busted Visor Racing" for a reason. Nater has
had more helmets than I can count and I always buy several visors with each helmet.

MX is a great family sport and if you don't mind living your life in the dirt...and being
dirt poor...I would highly sest it for your son or daughter. Fun times...

Friday night garage

Friday night garage

This is a Sunline brand shifter for some sort of 85cc Yamaha dirt bike. It happens to work really well on the Speed Triple. It removes all of that factory linkage crap and it's MUCH easier to find neutral at a stop light. Shifts are more controlled. I have no idea why Triumph used such an elaborate shifter in the first place.

a 85cc dirt bike

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12 girl bikes. Gel bike saddle. Bike tire studs.

12 Girl Bikes

12 girl bikes

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Nie ma to jak dziewczyna na rowerze szosowym

There is nothing more cool than a girl on a race bike

12/6/09 - Bobbi/Bike

12/6/09 - Bobbi/Bike

Strobist: Vivitar 285HV high camera right @ 1/2 power. Triggered w/ PT-04s.

12 girl bikes

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Best Way To Lock Bicycle : Haro Bike Stickers.

Best Way To Lock Bicycle

best way to lock bicycle

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Possible winner for most thrilling exploration ever...

Here's the story. Last week I had Martino & Mrtnski as honoured guests at my place. Two die hard explorers and darn good photographers from Holland. We were into an urbex all weekender. I checked some possible locations for us to visit, and I found this beautiful but oh so difficult place to enter: HH.

Some background info. This place, which classifies as a chateau, goes back to the 17th century. It became abandoned in the late eighties. Somewhere in 2004 squatters took over. They possess the building ever since. It's almost impossible for the police to get them out.

Time goes by and this place is gently turning from squatters heaven into junkies heaven.
It's advisable not to go there.

Reinforced by Telefunker & Stef, the Belgian crew quoi, we all meet up to check this place. The big front gate, which is locked by the squatters themselves, is just not doable to climb. We hit the parking lot of a surrounding building to climb over the wall. We're inside the gardens.

Plan A: the safe approach, knocking on the door. Just moments before, Mrtnski asks me if these squatters are ok. Junks... I guess not. Anything can happen. We knock. No answer. We go to another front door and knock again. Nothing. We shout. Silence. Heading towards the backgarden we see a huge amount of bicycles. Fifty something. That's a lot. I check the tires. They're ok. People are living here, right? We knock on the backdoor. Nothing. We check the servants entrance, knocking and shouting. Nothing.

Plan B: entering through an open window.

We find an open window at the back. It's doable to climb through. But we're hesitating. We all have this feeling the place is not empty. Who's going in first? I put my head inside this darkness and I can barely see anything. I take a deep breath, face my fears, and head in first. I find myself in the middle of this total squatters' chaos: litter, trash, empty weedbags, human faeces, Cara pils, tinfoil papers, candles, dirt, empty bottles, ... The smell is awfull. I take a brief moment to listen. Silence. I think it's ok.

Everyone's inside now. For some strange reason the doors to the main hall are locked. We find a servants stair in the back and go up. First floor: rooms of squatters. More dirt. More trash. We go up to the second floor and manage to go to the main part of the house. We're in this beautiful hallway.

And then... a door opens. Some strange dude with a hammer in his hand approaches us. He looks frightening. Adrenaline levels are way up now. "How the hell did you guys enter this building?", he asks. "Through an open window at the back", we reply. "That's not possible, I closed everything! How the hell did you guys enter?", he shouts". "Through an open window, seriously!". He doesn't want to believe us. We tell him we're photographers, interested in all that's abandoned. But he's certainly not happy with our little visit here. He demands us to go downstairs and wait. He returns to his room.

In a situation like this it only takes a split second to decide what's the best thing to do. We have no idea how many squatters are living here. And we certainly don't want our skull smashed in with a hammer. We decide to hit the road. In a flat 30 seconds we're all downstairs, out of the window, over the balcony, through the garden, over the wall. Talkin' about an exit strategy.

Just when we're out, the guy approaches us again. He tells us he wants to talk. He's a squatter but he's trying very hard to keep the junks outside. He seems cool and relaxed and we decide to give it a shot. He takes us in and he talks about the previous squatters who made such a mess here. He's sick and tired of them and he wants to restore the building in it's original glory. It seems awkward, but he shows us around and tells us how much he's been cleaning up. And he's got proof too: pictures dating back from the junkie days. He even shows us some rooms he hasn't been cleaning up. Believe me, you don't want to see this.

In the end this dude was supercool. He showed us around and we talked about the past, the present and the future of this beautiful building. Electricity was up again. A sheer 120 Volts added a very creepy atmosphere to the place. Little by little the grandeur of this place was returning. And he's putting so much effort in it. Quite surprising for a squatter. Respect!

This was one hell of an exploration. Thanks guys!

Circles 16092007520 271

Circles 16092007520 271

Vancouver, BC.

Meets the basic requirements of a good, free standing bicycle parking rack.

There are multiple points of contact in a horizontal plane that keep the bike stable. Bracing the front wheel to prevent the steering column to pivot and allow the bicycle to tilt or slide to the ground prevents damage to the bike and keeps the pedestrian realm clear of hazardous obstructions like a bike laying on the sidewalk.

Note also the position of the frame and rear wheel in concert with a length of the circle. A "U" or "D" lock can easily be used to secure the frame and rear wheel. Seucurity for the front wheel may require removal or use of the uniquitous cable lock as an accessory.

The anchoring system may be less robust than some, like inverted "U" or "staple" racks, but the short stem in relatively inaccessible anchoring system will resist vandalism or tampering with the rack.

The circle is a simple design that, in stainless steel, is clean, elegant and aesthetic. There are numbers of good bicycle rack designs, like the ring and post, and the New York circle (which includes a cross bracing element), that incorporate the circle into the design.

Better bicycle parking is never rocket science, but the multiplicity of racks, designs and placement schemes in evidence everywhere people ride is indicative of how challenging it can be to get it right. Always one of the best ways to determine what works and what doesn't will be by talking to the end user, the cyclist, to ensure the product delivers the promise.

best way to lock bicycle

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Bike Repair Equipment

bike repair equipment

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009 - Unconventional Photographic Equipment

009 - Unconventional Photographic Equipment

January 9th

I had been saving for a full frame DSLR (D700 or 5D Mk II) for the last couple of months. Over the last week, due to unforseen circumstances, my savings must be diverted to a different sort of photographic equipment. My Kawasaki zx9.

Though I've been without an SLR for a couple of months now due to previous economic hardship, I expect the repair to my motorcycle will improve the quality of my photos even though I'll still be actually taking them with my point and shoot. You see, I've been relying on public transport for the past year, and while it gets me to work and back, it has had the effect of keeping me mostly confined to the city. Having an operational bike again will empower me to pursue my dream of riding and photographing the northern california coastline. That stretch of highway is a big part of the reason I moved to San Francisco in the first place.

I got this photo earlier today when I was dropping in on my bike during visiting hours at Scuderia. Deb, the service manager, was gracious enough to let me sneak into the back of the garage and take some snaps of my poor disassembled engine. In some ways, it feels like the bike is getting an attitude adjustment via a bit of mechanical therapy. After trying to kill me twice on the highway, first by blowing a radiator hose, and later by dumping coolant under my rear tire - the green murder machine will hopefully now become a little less psychotic.

I definantly need a better name for her though. Green Murder Machine seems a bit too ominous and potentially like a self fufilling prophecy.

London Motorshow 2008 - 1994 Honda Pan European

London Motorshow 2008 - 1994 Honda Pan European

Honda Pan European – ST1100 T986 SRE

Honda Pan European’s were introduced to the AA fleet in urban areas in 1994.

It has an 1100cc V4 water cooled engine with shaft drive five speed transmission. They were built as a pre-specification to suit AA patrol needs (similar to police specification), and upgraded to carry all the AA’s roadside repair equipment.

The last Honda Pan Europeans were retired from active service during 2001.

This example was looked after by Patrol Andy Ayres in the London/South-East area following its de-commission from service. It has since been restored and is used as a show vehicle by Patrol Alan Crowley from the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne area. This bike has recently completed John O’Groats to Lands’ End charity run raising nearly ?25,000 for children’s hospitals

bike repair equipment

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Cheap Mongoose Bmx Bikes

cheap mongoose bmx bikes

    bmx bikes
  • Bicycle motocross or BMX refers to the sport in which the main goal is extreme racing on bicycles in motocross style on tracks with inline start and expressive obstacles, and it is also the term that refers to the bicycle itself that is designed for dirt and motocross cycling.

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  • Mongoose is a brand name of performance bicycles originally designed, manufactured, and sold by BMX Products, Inc. Mongoose merged in 2001 with Pacific Cycle, a subsidiary of Dorel Industries.

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My cheap dept. store Mongoose that I picked up when I decided to get back into BMX bikes. It was a test run bike. I dubbed it Piece of Shit 3 following the naming of my old bikes, back in the day. [sdd122]

Dwarf mongoose

Dwarf mongoose

Dwarf mongoose - taken at Blackbrook Zoo on 13th November 2010

cheap mongoose bmx bikes

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Cannondale Urban Bikes

cannondale urban bikes

  • The Cannondale Metro-North Railroad station serves residents of the Cannondale area of Wilton, Connecticut via the Danbury Branch of the New Haven Line.

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Scoundrel In Cog Nito BW

Scoundrel In Cog Nito BW

The Cogs of the Cannondale Bad Boy 700 Urban Bike.
I'm your regular friendly Mr Nice Guy, but combined with the Bad Boy, City Traffic and some Fellow Bicyclist - it brings out the scoundrel in me ;-)
Posting late for Macro Mondays again, but who cares? Bad Boy and Me - We be Scoundrels.

Macro Mondays - Scoundrels

Urban street machine in work's bike racks this morning

Urban street machine in work's bike racks this morning

Cannondale full-suspension frame, debadged and running spinergy road wheels.
An ideal 'do anything' bike- fast on the road then just swap the wheels and you've got an excellent off road bike. Very nice- but suspension lockout would be better for the road.

cannondale urban bikes

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Dirk Bike Game

dirk bike game

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I've been tagged

I've been tagged

I was tagged by MinTze, i must say this is so interesting!
Let me introduce myself:

1. I'm 32 years old. OMG ><
2. I've got married last year. Now, my lovely wife Abby is my personal model.
3. I'm a PhD student right now expertizing in political science.
4. I've grow up in Taipei City, but I don't like Taipei anymore.
5. I've been interested in taking photos since last year and I was fascinated by frog's photos.
6. Carfu is the guy who trapped me into photography. I will tag him definitely.
7. I love Taiwan aboriginal culture and aboriginal music.
8. I like biking during leisure time.
9. I love NBA games. My favorite team is Dallas Mavs and Dirk Nowitzki is my fav player.
10. If I have time, I hope I can bike around Taiwan.


My tagging list:
Carfu *10

To Dresden with Dirk

To Dresden with Dirk

The guy in the white shirt in the middle is Dirk. He was a great guy we met when we had to wait an hour and a half in the Wittenberg trainstation. He talked with us and bought us beer for the trip. He even got us all to Dresden for free by sweet-talking the train officials to let us all go on one group ticket, even though we exceeded the limit.

dirk bike game

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Childrens bicycles for sale - E bike parts - Pinnacle bike review.

Childrens Bicycles For Sale

childrens bicycles for sale

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    for sale
  • For Sale is the fifth album by German pop band Fool's Garden, released in 2000.

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  • (bicycle) a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

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Schwinn Cruiser cs1970s

Schwinn Cruiser cs1970s

Schwinn. USA Chicago 1895-2001
Founder Ignaz Schwinn and partner Adolph Arnold dominated the American bicycle sales for many of the early years of the century. Building almost indestructible childrens’ bikes and introducing balloon tires and suspension forks on their cruisers Schwinn captured the recreational rider.

childrens bicycles for sale

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Giant Bicycles For Sale

giant bicycles for sale

    for sale
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  • For Sale is the fifth album by German pop band Fool's Garden, released in 2000.

  • For Sale is a tour EP by Say Anything. It contains 3 songs from …Is a Real Boy and 2 additional b-sides that were left off the album.

  • ride a bicycle

  • The Bicycles are an indie rock quartet from Toronto, Ontario composed of Matt Beckett, Drew Smith, Dana Snell, and Andrew Scott (formerly of The Meligrove Band).

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Giant sales training 2010

Giant sales training 2010

We stumbled on a Giant sales training event at Tian La resort north of Taipei, where Giant dealers are educated on the new Giant bikes for 2010. Since we're stupid Americans who don't understand Mandarin (*nudge*wink*), we walked right in, took photos and sampled the bikes.



Is there a better place to offer your cycle for sale than your own frontyard...?!

The Netherlands, December 2006.

giant bicycles for sale

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Four wheel bikes. Giant bikes for sale. Ez 1 recumbent bike.

Four Wheel Bikes

four wheel bikes

    four wheel bikes
  • (Four wheel bike) A quadracycle is a four-wheeled human-powered vehicle. It is also referred to as a quadricycle, quadcycle pedal car or four-wheeled bicycle, amongst other terms.

Darrian on ATV

Darrian on ATV

Marna's Uncle Jim purchased two ATV's recently. Jim promised that while we were visiting over the holidays, that he'd let us ride them. I was the first (and most eager) on this automatic ATV. Once I got used to operating the machine, I evolved into a tour guide for some of the kids.

My first victim was Mia's son, Darrian. Mia is Marna's sister, who's been living with us in Parker, CO. Darrian lives with his dad, Jeremy, in Glenwood, IA. Mia and Jeremy are divorced, and Jeremy has custody of Darrian. Jeremy graciously allowed Darrian to attend a Christmas celebration with us.

The terms of the family has been rough on all of them, so it was really great to get to spend some time with Darrian (4 years old). We toured the farm land that was once Marna's Grandfather's and has since been inherited by Marna's Aunt Jackie and Uncle Jim (just shy of 400 acres as I understand it). I let Darrian drive a little once we got into the bean field (more flat and steady). He did a really good job!

Marna on ATV

Marna on ATV

There came a point when the kids were done and Marna and I were able to take to the fields ourselves. It was really fun cruising around with Marna and we both wish there were more ATV's so she could have joined us with the kids. We've even since talked briefly about getting a third ATV of our own that Aunt Jackie and Uncle Jim might keep for us.

At one point we jumped out into the corn field and got a great view of the farm. I'd been to the farm numerous times, but never really had a good picture of all that it encompassed. We generally just visited the house. It was really great to get a better idea of where Marna grew up!

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Kid Dirt Bike For Sale

kid dirt bike for sale

    dirt bike
  • There are many systems for classifying types of motorcycles, describing how the motorcycles are put to use, or the designer's intent, or some combination of the two. Six main categories are widely recognized: cruiser, sport, touring, standard, dual-purpose, and dirt bike.

  • A motorcycle designed for use on rough terrain, such as unsurfaced roads or tracks, and used esp. in scrambling

  • n. an off-road motorcycle. Usually louder than MTBs.

  • trail bike: a lightweight motorcycle equipped with red tires and suspension; an off-road motorcycle designed for riding cross country or over unpaved ground

    for sale
  • For Sale is a tour EP by Say Anything. It contains 3 songs from …Is a Real Boy and 2 additional b-sides that were left off the album.

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Bringing home a vacuum on the bus.

Bringing home a vacuum on the bus.

Supreme bag lady.
Ultimate bag lady.
Dirt Devil chosen for weight, hay for the rabbits, leather bag from Banana bought on sale.
The young mother with the little one had a lot of bags, too.
Another Mother got on with a small bike.
The driver balked.
The small bike was too small to put in the rack on the front of the bus.
The driver told her to take it to the back of the bus.
The bus was not crowded.
Some little kid got a new bike that the Mom brought home on the bus.

I brought home a vacuum. I am a vacuum killer.
Too many small mammals in my apartment.

Also bought a fold up umbrella tonight,
selected for weight in the Banana bag.

Oh yeah, had to walk the rest of the way home with the vacuum in a box.
Kinda homey.
Walking through downtown with a Dirt Devil.
Did get hoots and catcalls.
"Nice vacuum!"
I will be vacuuming again.

Bike Seat

Bike Seat

This is Elliott's bike seat. It's good to @ 40lbs which means by Spring time (or now), Elliott is/will be too big for it. It's for sale @ $25 and includes the hardwdare that mounted it to my bike. I'll clean it, of course (dirt/debris) and it's y...ours. Any interested takers with young children in the West Philly area or similar area?

Act fast if interested as it's also on Facebook and I don't really know who has kids, who doesn't, and who'd be interested in this.

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Handmade Bicycle Frames

handmade bicycle frames

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5th Annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show, Indianapolis, Indiana, Feb 27-Mar 1, 2009.

I hadn't heard of Yipsan frames before the show, but they seem incredibly well crafted. I believe the man behind the marque has only been offering frames for sale for about two years, but comes from a background in mechanical engineering.

Fancy canti cabling abounded on this bike of his.

Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show 2010: Cresencet restored by Keith Anderson - II

Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show 2010: Cresencet restored by Keith Anderson - II

Keith Anderson showed some beautiful paint-jobs. This is an example of a restored frame. It took about three years to get it all right (paint, decals, logos, etc.)

handmade bicycle frames

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Rubber Bicycle Pedals - Stationary Bike Exercises - Raleigh M30 Mountain Bike

Rubber Bicycle Pedals

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Birth of a Bicycle

Birth of a Bicycle

Hurrah! After a week of faffing around with various seatposts it turns out I was originally correct and - with a little bit of persuasion and a lot of pedalling hard to make it round bikeshops before they closes - got one installed.

So this is it, never ridden and finished not 10 minutes ago, my shiny new Audax bike. All up tips the scales at 10.8kg, so it won't blast up the hills but it should keep on going and going and going.

Just calculated the total cost for all the new bits to be just about ?450 - half on the frame, bars and stem, a quarter on the tyres and saddle and the other quarter on all the little bits. Not bad I think as I've got all the bits that "I" wanted and forked out on great tyres and saddle and pedals and this sort of money wouldn't even buy you a bargain bucket road bike (well, one that you wouldn't throw straight in the bin), which would still need money spent on accessorising. There's some nearly new 105 bits in there too. Of course these other bits all had to be bought at some point too but they've seen good use on older bikes and have lots of good days ahead of them. The only bits now running from the original 7 year old Trek 1000 road bike are the derailleurs and the STIs.

From eBay - Dawes Giro Audax 700 frame in Reynolds 531 Competition tubing. 3TTT bars and stem.
From an old bike - Shimano 105 double crankset and brakes, Shimano Sora derailleurs and STIs, Shimano R500 wheelset (minus silly stickers)
From local bike shops - 700x25c Continental GP4000 rubber, Brooks B17 Narrow leather, SKS P35 guards, cheapo brushed aluminium bottle cages and seatpost. Taping courtesy of Fizik. Skinny clamp for front derailleur.
From the internet - Exustar Delta-compatible clipless pedals. Cabling courtesy of Jagwire. Bracket for Ortlieb Ultimate bar bag.

Ordinary Bicycle c.1880

Ordinary Bicycle c.1880

"This bicycle was made by Humber, Marriott and Cooper. It has a 54 inch (137cm) front wheel, a tubular steel frame and "spider" wheels with solid rubber tyres.

Penny Farthing bicycles had very large front wheels so they would cover a long distance in one revolution. As the pedals were directly connected to the big wheel they also went round once."

Coventry Transport Museum, UK. 2009

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Leather bike suits : Scott road bike : U bicycle lock.

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Motorcycle Cordura Suit

Motorcycle Cordura Suit

Motorbike corduroy suit can be finished up of Nylon Corduroy fabric. Elite innovative fashion comes with adaptable belt with buttoned front closure. It features zipper cuffs with durable stitching. Packed with developed, technology, this suit offers several of the most modern safety performance and console features of the rider’s suits with attractive vivid options. It is a enormous combination for bikers, specifically made for bikers.

I Made That

I Made That

My mum next to Neil McKenzie's racing suit, which she made about 10 years ago. She has a very interesting smile! - taken at Beaulieu motor museum

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Road bike pedals types : Giant flat bar road bike : Dirt bike pants for sale

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Hardrock on Soft turf

Hardrock on Soft turf

My Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc 2006, taking a well earned break on the Pilgrim's Way near Charing Kent England.

For any MTB types who stumble on this, it now has DMR V8 pedals, and Specialized Resolution Tyres.

It needs better forks, the RST Gila ones on there at the moment bounce like bers on rutted tracks I think I shall get some Rockshox Tora replacements soon, also the little cable operated Shimano Discs on there are having trouble stopping 14.5 stone on downhill bits, I feel some Avid Juicies coming on.

Other than that I've enjoyed the first 500 miles I've done on it this year, and would recommend this model as a good Road and Cross-country trail bike, though for me the 21" frame and naff forks make it not quite agile enough for anything more extreme.............a good starting point for those of us rediscovering riding, after technology has moved on so much.

And sorry it's out of focus, but I was partially shagged out!

6th Annual BTR Criterium

6th Annual BTR Criterium

6th Annual BTR Criterium on WMU's Technology Campus.

Yes, Kalamazoo does have roads, and road bike racing. This was my first time attending a bicycle race. Spectators are few and I was free to wander the course at will.

I was shooting for the Kalamazoo Valley Museum documentary project, so main goal was to get the race in the context of Kalamazoo - to show where it was, to include event signs and recognizable landmarks.

I also found out that my equipment is woefully inadequate for shooting such events, so I'll just have to save my pennies and try to get some really fast glass for next time.

So that is why you don't see many tightly framed shots of the racers.

I stayed for two races; the women's Category 3 and 4 (I believe) and the men's Category 5. Category 5 is for people just starting out, which is why not everyone in the pelaton looks the skinny bike-racer stereo-type.

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Stamina stationary bikes. Road racing bike frame. Yakima deadlock hitch mount bike rack bike lock with core.

Stamina Stationary Bikes

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Stamina 4650 Dual-Action Recumberant Stationary Bike -$20

Stamina 4650 Dual-Action Recumberant Stationary Bike -$20

Has Speed, time, calorie and distance options on the monitor screen. Adjustable seat in many ways! Also has handles on the sides to work your arms also. Excellent bike if you have want to work-out, but not put a lot of wear and tear on yourself. I loved sitting in this while watching a movie because there isn't anything in your way!

21 / 365

21 / 365

Back to the gym today. I definitely can feel the difference in my stamina. I've moved from stationary bike to elliptical. Did 12 minutes, then took a break for back stretches, them jumped back on for another 12. I probably could have gone 25 minutes uninterrupted. I will do that when I go back on Monday.

stamina stationary bikes

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Va Beach Bike Classic - Diy Bicycle Stand - Truck Bike Carriers

Va Beach Bike Classic

va beach bike classic

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Beach Bikes

Beach Bikes

Just a typical scene by the beach today. I think beach bikes have so much personality.

Ran it through Photomatix because this week's theme is HDR.

214/365 8/2/11

Donald and Aidan

Donald and Aidan

My friend Donald and my son Aidan on D's motorcycle at the Va. Beach Bike Classic

va beach bike classic

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Trick Bikes For Boys - Bikes With Suspension - Reviews On Mountain Bikes.

Trick Bikes For Boys

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Silly sign - 13th August

Silly sign - 13th August

A few miles south-west of Chinon

11th August - Rest day in La Rochelle
Woke up a couple of times during the night but mostly had a good, though short, sleep. Waking to my alarm at 8am to go the youth hostel and get a bed. No rooms available. Unbelievable. Never before have I not been able to find accomodation at a youth hostel when asking this early in the day. I decided to try the campsite again and they said maybe in the afternoon. So I went to town to have some breakfast and then an internet cafe to kill some time.

I went to the campsite in the afternoon and it turned out to be full and the one on the other side of town as well. However the girl at reception was very nice and when I asked if I could use the toilets she said I could have a shower if I wanted. After 55 miles of cycling and then sleeping on a bench, the shower was the greatest thing ever. I took my time and then left the campsite heading into town but after about 50m down the road I heard a call from behind me. The girl from reception was waving and calling to me. I went back and she said that the other campsite had spaces now. I headed off to the other campsite and claimed my spot. After setting up my tent I caught up on some sleep and then headed into town - bike free this time.

It was a leisurely 30 minute walk from campsite to town but I was happy not to be in contact with my bike for once. Town was as entertaining as the night before but the highlight was an English guy doing tricks. He spoke perfect French but with a Del Boy like accent. "C'est tres dangereux", when introducing one of his tricks, became "say tray donjurer". At the end he pretended to do sword swallowing but it was a long extendable aerial. He said, "Je suis anglais, mais je ne suis pas stupide" (or something along those lines - my french is rubbish).

12th August - La Rochelle to Pui-Hardy
Leaving La Rochelle today, though the morning has already gone and heading to Tours where Mathilde (the friend that got married a couple of weeks ago) lives. Although she happens to be moving a little further down the Loire within the next few days/weeks so not sure where I will be visiting her yet. However, should be in Tours on Sunday evening if all goes to plan.

After leaving La Rochelle had great day of cycling. I was following very quiet roads anyway but then noticed a well-made up road running alongside a canal. I cycled for about 15 miles without a single car passing me. Having had a day break I managed 55 miles in the day despite leaving well after lunch. Late on in the day, I had started looking for a convenient field or forest to camp in, when there was a signpost for a campsite a couple of kilometres further on. I arrived in a tiny village called Pui-Hardy and followed signs down a track. The campsite was completely empty. No campers, no caravan-cars, not even a receptionist. Not even a reception. There was a shower and toilet block however which had notices on it saying that to pay (4 euros) I had to go to the Town-Hall which was open from 9.30am till 11am every tuesday. It was Thursday and I wasn't waiting for a week to pay so they were going to miss out. I wandered around my campsite checking to see if I really was alone. Then I started checking every little noise in the hedges and trees to see if I was being spied on. I thought I heard a car approaching so I ran back to my tent. There was no car so I started looking in the hedges again. Maybe it was because I hadn't spoken to anyone for several days (apart from shop pleasantries) and was starting to go crazy. It was like the bit in The Beach (the film with Leonardo Di Caprio, if you've only seen the film) when the guy is told to patrol the island to stop the touristy people invading. I wasn't going to let any animals invade my campsite.

I managed to snap back into reality after a while and went to set up my tent. Now if your tent was to break, would you want it to happen in one of the biggest cities in France, La Rochelle for example, in a packed campsite where people may be able to help you out? Or would you want it to happen in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere, in an empty campsite with no one to help you? I had no choice in this. The elastic in the front pole arch had broken which is fairly essential (a picture of my tent without the front arch). Threading elastic through poles is not easy and it took me about 45 mintues to temporarily fix the pole. It worked but was pretty flimsy. I gathered my things together for a shower when I heard a car approaching. This time it definitely was a car and it circled the campsite before stopping besides my tent. A woman got out and came up to me. She had come to collect the fees. Very bizarre. She said quite a lot but I didn't understand quite a lot.

13th August - Pui-Hardy to Chinon
With an empty campsite there were no queues for the showers so I was away fairly early on my way to Chinon, the Loire and Tours. Mathilde and William had b

The Friendship Heights Bombing

The Friendship Heights Bombing

After the GNR Building started complaining about frequent raider attacks, I decided to check things out. I went scavving around later that day, keeping an eye out for raiders, when I saw what I was looking for. A raider camp. I snuck my way over, and activated a stealth boy, just to be sure. There were two guards outside, and I could hear 6 voices from behind the walls. I pick pocketed the first guard, took his caps and shells, and put a live grenade in. Just to be sure. When the other guard came over to see what turned his friend into a torso and some mangled flesh that used to be his legs, I pick'd 'im too, and popped the grenade. Now the explosions attracted the other 6 raiders. One in particular must've been important, because they formed a semi-circle around him, leaving the back open. They must not think much about tactical assailants. I decided to do something with more panache than just the grenade trick, so I stood up once they passed me, pulled out one of my bottle cap mines, and tapped the leader's shoulder. He must've thought it to be one of his raiders, because he turned around, not really paying attention and said "Yeah, whaddaya wa-..." That's as far as he got, though, because I strapped the bottlecap mine to his chest, and kicked him into his crew of 5. One of them realized what happened and started to run, but that's all I saw. By then I had already ran behind a barrier when the explosive went off. The leader's lower leg landed beside me. I went to do a body count, when I noticed one was still moving. It was the guy who started running, he had only lost an arm. I picked him up onto his feet, loosely fixed up his gaping wound, and pinned a note to his chest that read "Fixed your problem.". I strapped his good arm to his body so he didn't try anything, and used a medical brace as a shoulder harness for a water bottle so he wouldn't die. I pinned a note onto his chest with a dart I had lying around and then sent him on his way to the GNR Building. Told him I'd be watching him through sniper scope from the top of the building to make sure he gets there okay. This was a complete lie, but you pretty much believe anything the guy who just blew up 5 people simultaneously says. Miraculously, he did end up making it, and the guards must've seen his condition because he was able to spread the story of "some kid who bombed the camp to shit and left without being seen". People openly talk about the "Friendship Heights Bomber" around me. They don't even know about what could end up in their pockets if they say the wrong thing about "him"...

There are three Easter eggs in this picture, a bottle cap per Easter egg for the first person to find 'em!

Focusing on the raider instead of me in this pic.

Crap picture is crap

trick bikes for boys

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Who makes next bicycles. Best bike shoes.

Who Makes Next Bicycles

who makes next bicycles

  • ride a bicycle

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  • The Bicycles are an indie rock quartet from Toronto, Ontario composed of Matt Beckett, Drew Smith, Dana Snell, and Andrew Scott (formerly of The Meligrove Band).

  • (bicycle) a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

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Oregon Sesquicentennial Ride 6.26.2009

Oregon Sesquicentennial Ride 6.26.2009

Karen of Bumpstart, trades in her scooter for a bicycle for the day.
Oregon is celebrating its 150 Birthday all year long! About twenty cyclists met up to celebrate in style. We had two Beavers, some Oregon themed shirts, and many of us dressed up in Oregon’s state colors Blue & Yellow (Gold and Navy if you are picky). At the start we had a little Birthday Cake, lit the candles and Sang “Happy Birthday Oregon”. Four people won best costume and got a fabulous Oregon-Beaver drink coaster set (thanks SCRAP!) and four Natives of Oregon won special arm-band garters with a picture of Oregon. Everyone got buttons to wear! Also each person put something about Oregon on a name tag. One person had eaten cherries off 10 + trees in Woodlawn neighborhood that week. Another admitted she loved rain. One person proudly proclaimed CAR-FREE in Oregon, and I said, I’d been to the Slug-Queen festival in Eugene – which is fabulous beyond words by the way.

Our first stop was the Woody Guthrie Circle at the Bonneville Power Administration Building in the Lloyd. Dan Miller brought his little guitar and we sang “Roll, on Columbia.” Dan even wrote up one of his own verses to sing! The great folk singer Woody was hired by the government to make folks songs about the new dams being built up the Columbia in the 1940s as a campaign to appease the public. After three rounds of singing, ‘homeland security” showed up and told us to stop taking pictures! But didn’t say to stop singing.. but we were on our way to our next stop anyway. Strange!

Next up was the Portland State Building. Inside there are two incredible glass murals, one of Multnomah Falls and one of Bridge of the Gods. Also in the center of the lobby is a gold ring hanging from the ceiling with Oregon’s State motto: She flies with her own wings! As we were looking at the murals…. A BIG SURPRISE happened. SESKI THE SASQUATCH came out between the two murals! Seski is Oregon’s State Mascot for the Sesquicentennial celebrations all year! I had been leaving notes for him in Forest Park (his local accommodation) inviting him to ride with us, and well, He came! It was a media frenzy, everyone had their cameras out. No one could believe they were meeting a real Big Foot! When I announced that Seski would be riding with us, there were squeals of delight!

Around the corner from the Portland State Building at NE 7th & Lloyd Blvd is a display of Oregon’s State Symbols from Beaver to Douglas Fir, from Western Meadow Lark to the Oregon Grape. But something was missing! Oregon’s Mascot. So I did the honors and added Seski to the Hall of Fame of State symbols!

Our group cycled on with Seski in a Pedicab generously donated by Portland Pedicabs and we paraded down to the Waterfront and rode lower Steel Bridge to Salmon Fountain. People on the waterfront were so excited to see Seski! When we arrived at Salmon Fountain there were some youth group activities and the kids went nuts when they saw Seski. One boy ran over. I love you!!!! He screamed.

We pedaled into Chapman Square where there is a Pioneer Oregon Trail family sculpture that was erected in 1993 for the 150th anniversary of the Oregon Trail. Here we took many Seski photos, and bid him adieu.

The rest of us went up to the Oregon Historical Society to see the Oregon my Oregon exhibit. We also looked at the tromp de l'oeil mural outside showing Lewis & Clark & others. I didn’t know how many folks would show up so I told the museum 30 to 60 people. So they had three docents ready for us. But with twenty we could have easily stayed as a group, but each docent really wanted to give a tour. I first showed everyone my favorite item at OHS, the Portland Penny that decided Portland’s name. We split up our group with the three volunteer docents and each group started in different parts of the exhibit. I wasn’t so keen on this, and many of us missed a lot of the exhibit this way since we had an hour to see everything. And I really like to go in chronological order. Oh well, they docents were really sweet and loved telling us about the exhibit.

We lost a few here I think to visit the rest of the museum, and about 10 of us went to the carts to get some food and then went down to the waterfront for the last part of the tour. A visit to the Founder’s Stone! (which is curiously hidden off Naito Parkway just south of Morrison Bridge. There are no paths to it, and it was dedicated in the 1940s.) So we had a dramatic play to reenact the famous Naming of Portland story with Dan Miller as the Bostonian Asa Lovejoy and Allan Folz as William Pettygrove who hailed from Portland, Maine. At first the two pioneers wanted to have a pistol duel in the naming, but the audience said, We have an idea: how about a coin toss, and luckily we had a giant Portland Penny! Of course this play kept getting interrupted by random sprinklers turning on us, and then we’d scream and find a new area of the park, and then it happened again. But finally the city

Vittorio de Sica

Vittorio de Sica

Italian postcard by Aser, Roma (Rome), nr. 333. Photo: Vaselli.

Italian director Vittorio De Sica (1901-1974) was a leading figure in the neorealist movement. De Sica directed 34 feature films, for which he won numerous international prizes including four Oscars. As an actor he made more than 150 films and is best known for his bright and charming roles in earthy comedies opposite sex goddesses Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren.

Vittorio Domenico Stanislao Gaetano Sorano De Sica was born into in Sora, Italy in 1901 (or 1902 - sources are divided). He grew up in Naples. His father, Umberto De Sica, a bank clerk with a penchant for show business, encouraged his good-looking son to pursue a stage career. Vittrorio made his screen debut at 16 in the film Il processo Clemenceau/The Clemenceau Affair (1917, Alfredo De Antoni) starring the legendary diva Francesca Bertini. He began his career as a theatre actor in the early 1920’s and joined Tatiana Pavlova's theatre company in 1923. By the late 1920’s he was a successful matinee idol of the Italian theatre, and also appeared in such silent films as La bellezza del mondo/Beauty of the World (1927, Mario Almirante) starring another silent film diva, Italia Almirante-Manzini. In 1933 De Sica founded his own theatre company with his wife, actress Giuditta Rissone and Sergio Tofano. The company performed mostly light comedies, but they also staged plays by Beaumarchais, and worked with directors like Luchino Visconti. His good looks and breezy manner made him an overnight matinee idol of the Italian cinema with the release of his first sound picture, La Vecchia Signora/The Old Lady (1932, Amleto Palermi). Light comedies as Gli uomini che mascalzoni!/What Scoundrels Men Are! (1932, Mario Camerini) and Il signor Max/ Mister Max (1937, Mario Camerini) made him immensely popular with female audiences. During World War II Vittorio De Sica turned to directing with Rose Scarlatte/Red Roses (1940, Vittorio de Sica, Giuseppe Amato), and Maddelena, Zero in Condotta/Maddelena, Zero For Conduct (1940, Vittorio de Sica). Both films were attempts to bring theater pieces to the screen with suitable roles for himself. In the comedy of errors Teresa Venerdi (1941, Vittorio de Sica) his girlfriend was played by a young Anna Magnani.

A turning point in Vittorio De Sica’s career was his meeting with the writer Cesare Zavattini. They worked together on De Sica’s fifth film, I bambini ci guardano/The Children Are Watching Us (1943, Vittorio De Sica). In this film the director began to use non-professional actors and socially conscious subject matter. He revealed hitherto unsuspected depths and an extraordinarily sensitive touch with actors, especially children. It is a mature, perceptive, and deeply human work about the impact of adult folly on a child's innocent mind. Zavattini became as a scenarist his major collaborator for the next three decades. Together they created two of the most significant films of the Italian neorealism movement: Sciuscia/Shoeshine (1946, Vittorio de Sica) and Ladri di biciclette/Bicycle Thieves (1948, Vittorio de Sica). Sciuscia/Shoeshine is the story of how the lasting friendship of two homeless boys, who make their living shining shoes for the American G.I.'s, is betrayed by their contact with adults. At the end of the film one boy inadvertently causes the other's death. Workman Ricci's desperate search for his bicycle in Ladri di biciclette/Bicycle Thieves is an odyssey that enables us to witness a varied collection of characters and situations among the poor and working class of Rome. At Sony Pictures Classics an anonymous critic writes: “With no money available to produce his films, De Sica initiated the use of real locations and non-professional actors. Using available light and documentary effects, he explored the relationship between working and lower-class characters in an indifferent, and often hostile social and political environment. The result was gritty and searing storytelling that not only bared the truth about the harsh conditions inflicted on Italy's poor, but also represented a radical break from filmmaking conventions.” Both films are heartbreaking studies of poverty in postwar Italy and both won special Oscars before the foreign film category was officially established. De Sica's next collaboration with Zavattini was the satirical fantasy, Miracolo a Milano/Miracle in Milan (1951, Vittorio de Sica), which wavered between optimism and despair in its allegorical treatment of the plight of the poor in an industrial society. Their next film, Umberto D. (1952, Vittorio de Sica), was a relentlessly bleak study of the problems of old age and loneliness, but it was a box-office disaster. Continually wooed by Hollywood, De Sica finally acquiesced to make Stazioni Termini (1952, Vittorio de Sica), clumsily renamed Indiscretion of an American Wife in the U.S. It was produced by David O. Selznick and filmed in Rome with Selznick's wife,

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