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Invazija europskih ekonomista

Odličan članak o europskim ekonomistima na američkim fakultetima. Svakako preporučam pročitati svakome s interesom za temu (istina, to neće biti veliki broj ;-), a počinje zanimljivom činjenicom:

One-third of the faculty of Harvard University’s economics department hails from Europe. At the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, half of the finance department’s faculty is European.

Zašto Amerika, a ne Europa?

Getting a doctorate in her native Belgium was unappealing, she explains, because students were left on their own, with little academic support or oversight; many Ph.D. candidates she knew became discouraged after a few years and gave up. In the U.S., by contrast, the university was geared toward the student. Professors were approachable; research facilities, including libraries, were first-rate; and financial and other assistance was readily available.

Posao poslije doktorata?

Nor did Europe offer much appeal once the doctorate was in hand. Zingales tried to return to Italy in 1984, after completing his degree at MIT, but the best job offer he could get was a mediocre research assistantship at a second-rate university. Twenty years later, he might have won tenure at the school, he says, but only if he had the right connections. Even the best Italian universities—and this was true of European schools in general—were dominated by autocratic and hierarchical traditions.

Eh da, koncentracija talenta je velika komparativna prednost!

Another comparative advantage of top-tier U.S. departments is their comprehensive quality. “There is not one field,” says Alesina, “where you could not meet a leading expert right there on campus.” This holds only for the leading schools, of course—maybe 20 have reached the critical mass of students and faculty to cover the whole range of economic research—but for fertile concentrations of talent, nothing beats them. Small wonder that since 1980, 39 of the 47 Nobel Prize winners in economics were professors at American schools.

Doduše, triba se stalno truditi :-)

Academic life in the U.S. is determined by competition at all levels, he adds. “It’s often said that American universities recruit only the best among the Europeans. I would say instead that we become better because we are immersed in permanent competition. I would have been better at what I do if only I had come earlier to the U.S.”

Iz osobnog iskustva, ovo je u Europi (odnosno kod nas) točno tako.

One more benefit of American universities is competent administration. Economists don’t require equipment as sophisticated as biologists’ or physicists’, but they do need working computers. “When my computer is down at Columbia, it gets repaired in an hour,” Chiappori tells me. “In Paris, it would take a month.” Efficient management also helps secure the research grants that are seminal to cutting-edge academic work. “In France, I could get grants, but it would require weeks of bureaucratic work,” he explains. “In the U.S., one can focus on the substance of the research request, and the administration then takes over and smooths the bureaucratic process for you.”

No, nije sve tako crno i Europa “pokazuje zube”:

The leading American universities may have the edge that Chiappori and others describe, but they are losing it,” Hellwig claims. A well-regarded scholar of monetary and financial institutions, Hellwig has decided to leave UCLA and return to Europe—not to his native Germany, however, but to Toulouse University’s department of economics in southern France. “We Europeans look at a global map,” he says, “and we see new centers of excellence emerging in Europe, though not necessarily in our countries of origin.”

No, ima tu još problema …

“It will take years before European universities can really compete,” he says. “The mistake in Europe is to try to improve mediocre existing universities,” Zingales believes. “It would be more efficient to create brand-new elite institutions.” But this would collide with the European passion for equality, which has kept universities open to every student, regardless of ability, and made “selection” a dirty word—a major stumbling block on the path of higher academic achievement.

Kako kažu, read the whole thing ….

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subota, 23.01.2010.

Europe vs. USA

Na reddit-u je neki malac postavio pitanje: “European redditors! If you could, would you move to US?” na što mu je dan odličan odgovor:

Why would we? we have a stronger currency, universal health care, better social protection, better living standards, better prevention, faster and cheaper access to Internet/cellphones, a flurry of different culture and languages to discover, a richer historic background, the European Parliament is much less corrupt compared to the US Senate, also our porn is waaaaay freakier.

A onda stiže touche (i osnovni razlog ovog posta):

Nobody cares about that shit.

Here's what we got: money and options.

Money pours out of every fucking orifice and there are even more things to spend all of that money on and the tolerance for any kind of lifestyle, normal and bizarre that you want to indulge. You don't have to be smart, just be willing to work hard and you can rake cash in. Don't have cash now? Fear not, there's plenty of cheap credit available for you to hang yourself with.

Immigrants come from the world over to bust their asses, with no written English skills and set up small businesses that cater our every whim and perversion and they make fortunes.

Or you can be smart and work a little and still earn a fortune too. Whatever.

Our cars are fast and dangerous and spacious and we give licenses to anyone. Or maybe you don't want to drive ever. There are farmers that drive everywhere and city-slickers that walk everywhere. And everything in between.

Want to own a farm? Sure, have ten thousand acres and host your own demolition derbys with the rest of your redneck neighbors in Alabama. Want a shoebox apartment and a sex and the city, fashion and trendy restaurant obsessed heroin chic lifestyle? Oh man do we have a place for you.

Want to be a single mom? Nobody even notices. Want to start a family with two moms and two dads and have twisted four-somes? You don't get lynched, surprisingly.

Want to not spend your Sunday in church or at home with nothing to do because everything's closed? Welcome, sinner, the bars open at 8am. We only pretend to be religious.

Our pro-family values Republicans are all closet ass-pounding homosexuals and our moralist whining environmentalist crybaby Democrats have mansions with heated pools. TV coverage of all of this hypocrisy is endless and hilarious.

Want to name your children retarded names, yeah, we'll let you name your idiot kids Dweezil and Guthrie. Go nuts.

Want to be gay? Have we got the places for you. New York, San Francisco, Austin, TX (or San Antonio, or Dallas, etc.) will all let you get your freak on.

Want to sleep during the day and work nights? Sure, enjoy 24 hour dry-cleaning in Vegas.

Jewish? No sweat. Chinese restaurants are open on Christmas.

Concerned about the coming alien transmutation event foretold by the voices in your head? Start your doomsday cult today! Not only won't we interfere, we'll give you tax breaks.

Like Carribean warm? Live in Florida. Like the freezing cold for some reason? Live in Minneapolis.

Too lazy to get out of your air conditioned SUV? No sweat. Drive-throughs are everywhere.

Vegetarian? Yeah, not only won't we murder you for being a retard, we'll cater to your needs by selling you $15 mushroom burgers. And they'll be delicious.

America: FUCK YEAH

Riječ da bih dodao :-))))

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četvrtak, 21.01.2010.

Drmaj Stipe :-)

Izvalio Stipe (par tjedana prije kraja mandata!) da bi on poslao vojsku u BiH da prekine famozni “koridor” do zapadnog dijela Republike Srpske u slučaju da Dodik najavi referendum za otcjepljenje. I digla se silna gungula :-).

Boris Dežulović ga je pošteno oprao u svom stilu a i reakcije ostalih “čimbenika” su isto redom bile negativne (ili barem, poput one Vesne Pusić “ma pustite čovjeka, nije više bitno što on priča” u irelevatizirajućem tonu ;-).


Jer, iako je 100% istina sve ono što piše Dežulović, da je Hrvatska zadnja (ok, predzadnja poslije Srbije ;-) koja bi se u BiH trebala mašiti ratne retorike, isto je tako istina i da Srbima u BiH jasno treba dati do znanja da se nikakve pizdarije poput referenduma o otcjepljenju neće tolerirati!

Da bih ovakav svoj tvrd stav stavio u kontekst, moram reći da mi je supruga porijeklom iz Bosanske Posavine, gdje je prije rata 95% stanovništa bilo hrvatsko, a koja je sada (a tako će ostati i zauvijek) integralni (i esencijalni!) dio Republike Srpske (esencijalni zato što kroz nju prolazi gore spomenuti koridor). Što znači da pola moje familije čine izbjeglice i iako se situacija popravlja i teta Ruža, jedna od rijetkih koja se vratila, ima samo riječi hvale za svoje srpske susjede, “defenestracija” obnovljenih kuća je još uvijek raširena pojava i o pravom povratku malo tko razmišlja.

Ukratko, puno je tu zle krvi, a i meni osobno ova Republika Srpska nikako ne leži. Za razliku od naših predsjedničkih kandidata koji ipak moraju pokazati diplomatski takt (čini mi se da sam zapamtio da im je jednom bilo upućeno takvo pitanje) ja mogu otvoreno reći da mislim da je Republika Srpska nastala na zločinu, da je to jedna travestija od paradržavice i da je ovakva situacija dugoročno neodrživa.

Stoga bih Mesićevu izjavu prvenstveno gledao kao pokušaj da se problemi BiH opet “stave na mapu”, i tek treba vidjeti koliko mu je u tome uspjelo. Da je mogao taktičnije i diplomatskije, naravno da je mogao. Ali, uzimajući u obzir situaciju i kontekst (da to kaže Josipović za mjesec dana bi zahtijevalo jednu sasvim drugačiju analizu!), ja sam nekako ipak zadovoljan :-)

Nek’ malo zakuva, pa da vidimo što će biti. Jer, “problem” Bosne se mora riješiti prije nego što Kosovo i od Srbije bude prihvaćeno kao ad acta (je, znam da kažu nikad, ali isto to su i neki, svojevremeno vrlo značajni Hrvatki govorili za svoje generale ;-), jer kad jednom Kosovo bude fait accompli, Republika Srpska, ako ne bude do tada čvrsto “ukotvljena” u BiH će vrlo brzo slijediti.

A tek onda pričamo o pravim pizdarijama …

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ponedjeljak, 11.01.2010.

Najbolji komentar izbora ...

Via, preneseno s jednog foruma (thx Andrej):

Nemam volje više, samo čestitke izbornom stožeru Milana Bandica.

Divim vam se ljudi iskreno, ovakvog kretena dogurat u drugi krug i držat ga preko 40%

Tako se vodi kampanja, detektirali ste da vam je kandidat čimpanza i uspjeli ste 40% ljudi uvjerit da je za predsjednika države najbitnije znat ogulit bananu.

Jos jednom iskrene čestitke!

I ne ne za*ebavam se, ovo je najbolja kampanja u povijesti Hrvatske, putem ste detektirali gdje možete ubrat glasove, tako ste okretali kampanju i tako se to radi.
Ak slučajno dobijete izbore onda vam *ebem sve po spisku.

U sridu :-)

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subota, 02.01.2010.

Milan Bandić – čovjek koji “cijeli život živi vjeru”

Milan Bandić je danas bio na razgovoru kod kardinala Bozanića (dva sata, molit ću lijepo!) i u izvješću Večernjeg lista o tom sastanku, naišao sam na sljedeću Bandićevu rečenicu:

“Kao čovjeku koji cijeli život živi vjeru najveća mi je satisfakcija knjiga koju sam dobio na poklon, naslova "Čovjek, crkva i domovina" koji se slaže s mojim motom "Bogoljublje, čovjekoljublje i domoljublje"”.

Koja sprdačina :-)!

Dakle, Milan Bandić je CIJELI svoj život živio (katoličku) vjeru. Odnosno, barem u to pokušava uvjeriti hrvatske glasače (one “katoličkog usmjerenja”) boreći se kao lav za svaki glas kojim bi trasirao svoj put na Pantovčak.

I to mu, čini mi se, jako dobro ide za rukom. Da hoću biti malo zloćkast, rekao bih da to i nije tako čudno s obzirom na bajke koje su takvi glasači inače spremni vjerovati (i hop, evo gomile minusa i negativnih komentara ;-), jer to i nije ništa drugo nego bajka!

A da su hrvatski katolici malo više usmjereni na temelje svoje vjere, a malo manje na njene “vanjske manifestacije” poput ljubljenja oltara, uvlačenja biskupima, doniranja (naših!) novaca za izgradnju crkava i slično, onda bi i sami uvidjeli da dotična izjava Milana Bandića nije ništa drugo nego LAŽ! I da Milan Bandić nije ništa drugo nego LAŽOV!

Jer, kad čovjek koji se RAZVEO od svoje žene, čime je prekršio jedan od temeljnih postulata katoličke vjere (a sve zato da bi se dokopao još jednog (društvenog) stana!) kaže da je “cijeli život živio vjeru”, onda to meni pomalo vuče na blasfemiju. I da sam vjernik ovakvu izjavu Milana Bandića bih shvatio kao tešku uvredu svojoj inteligenciji.

No, prosječan hrvatski vjernik vjerojatno ne zna za tu Bandićevu “eskapadu” i živi u uvjerenju da je Bandić “pravi vjernik”. Što u hrvatskim okvirima vjerojatno i jest – važno se pojaviti svaku nedjelju na misi i dobro darivati svećenika kad dođe posvetiti kuću, a to što se moralna uvjerenja na kojima počiva katolička vjera u svakodnevnom životu gaze na dnevnoj bazi i nije tako bitno.

Glavno da na naslovnici Večernjeg lista velikim slovima piše “Crkva ipak za Bandića”.

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