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The Encyclopedia of Hepatitis And Other Liver Diseases

The Encyclopedia of Hepatitis And Other Liver Diseases

By David Kirby (Click HERE to read and comment on the HuffPo version of this post.) “The science is largely complete. Ten epidemiological studies have shown MMR vaccine doesn#t cause autism; six have shown thimerosal doesn#t cause ...

London, Sep 17 (ANI): A collaborative study led by Johns Hopkins researchers has uncovered a genetic mutation that gives a person the ability to get rid of Hepatitis C without any treatment.

It is illogical to exonerate all vaccines, all vaccine ingredients, and the total US vaccine program as a whole, based solely on a handful of epidemiological studies of just one vaccine and one vaccine ingredient.

More than seventy percent of people who contract Hepatitis C will live with the virus that causes it for the rest of their lives and some will develop.

Story Summary: However, 30 to 40 percent of those infected somehow defeat the infection and get rid of the virus with no treatment. In this weeks Advanced.

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