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Home Decor Trends

home decor trends

home decor trends - Trend Lab

Trend Lab Max Two Picture Frame Set

Trend Lab Max Two Picture Frame Set

If you're looking for a baby shower gift, look no further! These adorable 2-piece baby frame sets boast an urban-chic look for the modern baby. Each set includes 2 wooden frames that hang on the way by a ribbon in accented color. These wall frame sets come in two styles, both of which have one striped frame and one polka-dotted frame - "Max" is finished in Blue and Brown, while "Maya" is finished in Pink and Brown. Each photo frame holds 4x6 prints.
Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required.

81% (8)

Color Trend: Lilac & Lavender

Color Trend: Lilac & Lavender

My husband and I just purchased this Martha Stewart "Bloomery" rug* in lilac for our new home, and at first I was quite concerned that I was taking a too-bold step for our main living area. Thankfully, Decor 8 recently featured a few pages from talented interior designer Amanda Nisbet's online portfolio and I was happy to see that she is using beautiufl lavender and lilac accents in her work.

Lilac is such a soothing color and it has actually worked quite well for our color palette. Try adding a touch of this tranquil tone to your own home or office to create a peaceful, yet uplifting, atmosphere.

Dusty lavender jersey top -- Neiman Marcus

Tumbled trove cuff bracelet -- Anthropologie

Lilac bordered calling card by Anna Griffin -- FineStationery

Exquisite french country chair in lavender -- Neiman Marcus

Leaf patterned note card by Vera Wang -- FineStationery

Lavender scroll accent pillow -- Bedroom Furniture

P.S. -- I promise to post a few photos of our new space so you can see how well lilac works firsthand-- I'm just waiting for the rest of our furniture to arrive!

Winter Las Vegas Furniture Market - World Market Center February 1 -5, 2010

Winter Las Vegas Furniture Market - World Market Center February 1 -5, 2010

The Vegas Tourist Attended the Winter Las Vegas Furniture Market, which was held at the World Market Center from February 1 -5, 2010.

This was the show to attend if your business is furniture or home decor. It was the place to meet vendors, see the newest trends in the furniture world, network, and acquire trade information.

Grab your walking shoes, and come join us at The Vegas Tourist as we cover the Winter Las Vegas Furniture Market. We will give you a peek into the interesting things that we saw during the event; a live band, living statues, and work from local artisans!

home decor trends

home decor trends

Minitrends: How Innovators & Entrepreneurs Discover & Profit From Business & Technology Trends

Find, Evaluate, Profit! MINITRENDS provides a practical formula for extracting business opportunities from major trends that have a realistic chance of becoming profitable in the next 2-5 years. Minitrends are of a scope and importance to offer attractive business opportunities to individuals and organizations that are alert enough to recognize them, perceptive enough to appreciate them, and clever enough to take advantage of them.

Readers learn:

How and where to search for Minitrends
How to evaluate the business attractiveness of a Minitrend
How to develop an effective Minitrend Explotation Scheme
How to turn the scheme into a profitable business opportunity
Based on author Dr. John H. Vanston's more than 30 years of experience in identifying and applying technical, social, and business trends, the book shows:

Individual entrepreneurs how to identify, assess, and exploit new business opportunities
Decision makers in small and mid-size businesses how to gain advantage by recognizing and utilizing emerging trends
Innovative thinkers in large businesses how to distinguish themselves by their special perceptiveness
Investors how to uncover attractive new investment opportunities
In addition to how-to advice, MINITRENDS provides background, current trends, and business opportunities for several attractive Minitrends.

Combining advice, instructions, and examples, MINITRENDS assists the reader in launching their own exciting, profitable "Minitrend Adventure" using their imagination, logic, innovative nature, and basic good sense. This book is an amazing resource for ambitious individuals who seek to start new ventures or keep existing businesses innovative and competitive.

"MINITRENDS presents a set of practical-but-powerful tools and mindsets...HEROIC!"
--David Pearce Snyder, Strategic Forecaster, Contributing Editor, The Futurist

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