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Little mermaid bathroom decor : Kids nautical decor : Home interior decoration ideas.

Little Mermaid Bathroom Decor

little mermaid bathroom decor

little mermaid bathroom decor - Mermaid Wall

Mermaid Wall Decals

Mermaid Wall Decals

Make a splash under the sea with these Mermaid Wall Decals! Your little girl will love pretending her room is a wonderland of jewel-toned fish, lively plants and brilliant mermaids. These decals are perfect for your kid's bedroom, playroom or even bathroom!

These wall decals are a great substitute to wallpaper because they add color and design to your kid's bedroom or playroom without the inconvenience of messy application and removal. Just peal the decals from the backing and press to the wall. If your child is ready for a change, you can easily remove and reposition the decal! Create your own design or use the sested one on the packaging. Each decal design pack contains two large sheets of decals.

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Three Men in a Tub

Three Men in a Tub

Ladia is thinking the decorator she hired must be on quack. Ladia really wants something a little more sophisticated

Mel, Jo and Amber see my "collage"...board book from 1981, wooden seahorse and duck is a puzzle piece from the 60's

Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid

I took this of my new little mermaid. This has a clip on tail.

little mermaid bathroom decor

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