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This connection is the yellow female cable on what is normally a three-cable bundle consisting of red, white, and yellow cables. Focus became the biggest problem for two reasons: adjusting focus using the built-in rotary dial was difficult because the dial is so loose and sensitive that it was far too easy to whip right past the ideal setting.

hook up roku to projector

Submitted: 6 years ago. Post a comment Commenting on this article is easy and does not require any registration. There are web streamers, and there are projectors, but this is the first time I've seen them combined into one, easy-to-use product.

hook up roku to projector

Post a comment - We are seniors and she won't use the home theater that often, but maybe she will change.

hook up roku to projector

What is a Roku Streaming Stick? The Projecyor Streaming Stick hooks both video and audio from a large selection of channels through your hook speed Wi-Fi network. You must activate the Roku Streaming Stick riku and create an account if you do not have one. Normally, I begin to lose promector in a device when I have to come up with a user name and enter credit card information, but the benefits proiector this little stick justify the extra ten minutes it takes to input some info. This streaming stick offers you another option for viewing media with the projector. After using the projector with my iPhone 4s, iPad, and laptop, the Roku Streaming Stick is the most convenient way to enjoy this projector. It does not require additional cables or adapters. Plus, the Roku Channel Store has a large selection of free channels, such as Crackle and Pandora. With these free channels, you do have to suffer through commercials. However, when I was watching a movie via Crackle, I sat through about one commercial every ten minutes. With the streaming stick and the Roku Game Remote sold separatelyyou can play games from the Channel Store. The selection is somewhat limited, but they do have a highly addicting array of Angry Birds. The beauty of this streaming roku is that it can also be used with Roku ready televisions. The projector also comes with a remote control. Although it has a projector delay, the remote allows projcetor to adjust the brightness and contrast, along with yook off the projector lamp while listening to Pandora. If remote controls are too main stream for you, roku can download the free Roku remote app onto your smartphone. Not only can you control the projector, you can also browse the Channel Store from your phone. Post a comment Commenting on this article is easy and does not require any registration. Your email projectpr is necessary for you to activate your comment once it has been submitted. It will not be shown to other site viewers. ProjectorCentral reserves the right to remove any comment at any time for any projechor />Foul language is not permitted, nor are personal attacks. All comments should remain on topic. Name: Email Address: used only to confirm your comment Your Comment: Enter the numbers as they appear to the left.

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This is a fascinating hybrid of a product: a portable projector with built-in, Roku-powered, media streaming. The contrast ratio isn't bad: about 870:1. But let's look at this thing more in the context of how it should be used. I successfully set up the Roku with my wireless network and even added free channels. I love the idea of a mini projector — which is why I started paying attention when they started to surface — but, time and time again, my hopes of obtaining the perfect little travel projector have been dashed by either poor specs, lack of features or out-of-reach pricing. The only time you should see this setup is on older video cards for desktop computers. Post a comment Commenting on this article is easy and does not require any registration. Just beyond the lens is a rotary dial for adjusting image focus. This section contains a picture of the back of an projector and its available connection ; as well as descriptions of each.

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