četvrtak, 30.12.2010.

Christmas time


With all the pre-Christmas craziness I have finally left work and enjoyed my three days of pure relaxation and sleep.
It was a very different but beautiful Christmas with my other half's family, because I am still not hundred percent familiar with Asian cuisine and customs but I am learning lots!
It is actually the first time I have encountered foods that I am not particularly fond of, but it's still an experience. Things like sea cucumbers and fish balls...Quite interesting. Apart from those foods, I did my best to make a few sweets to enrich the holiday spirit and it was the first time for his family to have real desserts for Christmas! Oh how exciting.
I also think that I have learned my lesson on baking at home...terrible! For some reason (and I am not the only one), whenever I bake something at home, it turns out so badly! Why for the love of everything that is great my ganache needs to separate. Why!? I bake madeleine cookies at work each day, why are they stuck to the pan when I do them at home!?


Super. Oh man was I pissed of.
At the end everything turned out great, but I think I will never go crazy on baking at home!

As you can see (or might have heard), we have had a lot of snow here in New York. It is a lot better now, but there is still quite a bit on the streets and some trains are not even running yet. Crazy.

I am off now, time to get some sleep and get ready for New Year's day at work!


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utorak, 07.12.2010.



Where to go and what to do. Having only 2 months left at Daniel I should already know what my next step will be.
I feel like it is a lot harder this time than after graduation, well...this time I don't think just for myself, but for my other half as well.

Decision should be made soon.

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