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How to decorate easter baskets : Mermaid decor.

How To Decorate Easter Baskets

how to decorate easter baskets

    easter baskets
  • The Easter Bunny or Easter Hare (sometimes Spring Bunny in the U.S. ) is a character depicted as a rabbit bringing Easter eggs, who sometimes is depicted with clothes.

  • (Easter Basket) This is a list of episodes for the stop-motion television series Robot Chicken.

  • (Easter basket) Easter eggs or spring eggs are special eggs that are often given to celebrate Easter or springtime.

  • Provide (a room or building) with a color scheme, paint, wallpaper, etc

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how to decorate easter baskets - Multicolor Easter

Multicolor Easter Basket Grass

Multicolor Easter Basket Grass

Fill your Baskets with Easter Grass! The Multicolor Easter Basket Grass is the perfect basket filler for your Easter party baskets. A great addition to any Easter basket or bag. Each package has three different color grasses. 1 1/2 ounces. Package is 9" long and 5 1/2" wide. Approximately six fistfulls of grass. Assorted styles. Give your guests Easter baskets filled with fun! Don't let any Easter party guest leave empty handed, give out Easter baskets and goody bags to all your party guests. Easter baskets and bags also make great raffle prizes and give a ways at your event. Fill Easter baskets with favors and gifts to make it a prize that every guest will want. Part of Supplies > Tissue / Stuffing

87% (6)

Divine fairtrade dark chocolate nests

Divine fairtrade dark chocolate nests

Origins, meanings & practices of Easter
Lots of people today associate Easter with a deluge of chocolate eggs rather than the resurrection of Jesus Christ and many other religious festivals and customs. A sign maybe that religion plays a lesser part in some of our lives than once was or simply that the chocolate manufacturers and retailers have more advertising spend and see this as an opportunity to make sales over the Easter period with chocolate Easter eggs and gifts, which over time has become the trend. A combination of these and a host of other factors from the way we eat to the way we live generally has determined the chocolate fest that is now Easter.

The chocolate Easter egg is a relatively new tradition the origin of the Easter egg, and many more modern day Easter symbols, such as the Easter bunny, goes back a very long way and pre-date Christianity. The historical intermingling of pagan, Christian and Jewish beliefs and practices has left its legacy in many of the things we maybe take for granted about Easter and its traditions today.
The equinox occurs each year on March 20, 21 or 22. Both pagans and Christians continue to celebrate religious rituals linked to the equinox in the present day. wiccans hold their celebrations on the day or eve of the equinox. Western Christians wait until the Sunday on or after the next full moon. The Eastern Orthodox churches follow a different calculation; their celebration is often many weeks after the date selected by the Western churches.
Delve into the history and origins of the Christian festival of Easter and you come up with a few surprises. For instance, Easter eggs do not owe their origins to Christianity and originally the festival of Easter itself and the giving of Easter gifts had nothing to do with Christianity either. A closer look at the history of both Easter and the Easter egg reveals a much earlier association with pagan ritual and in particular, the pagan rites of spring, dating back into pre history.
For us, the ancient rites celebrating the Spring Equinox are most obviously associated with the mysterious Druids and places like Stone Henge, but most ancient races around the world had similar spring festivals to celebrate the rebirth of the year. The Egg, as a symbol of fertility and re-birth, has been associated with these rites from the earliest times.
The Christian Festival of Easter
In fact, the festival of Easter is a classic example of the early Christian church adapting an existing pagan ritual to suit their own purposes. The Saxon spring festival of Eostre, was named for their goddess of dawn, and when they came to Britain in about the 5th century AD, the festival came with them along with re-birth and fertility rituals involving eggs, chicks and rabbits. When the Saxons converted to Christianity and started to celebrate the death and the resurrection of Christ, it coincided with Eostre, so that's what the early church in Britain called the celebration, Eostre or Easter in modern English.
The actual date that Easter falls on every year is governed by a fairly complex calculation related to the Spring Equinox. The actual formula is: The first Sunday after the first full moon following the Spring Equinox is Easter Sunday or Easter Day. This formula was set by Egyptian astronomers in Alexandra in 235ad, and calculated using the same method as the Jews have traditionally used to calculate the feast of the Passover, which occurred at about the same time as the crucifixion.
Early Easter Eggs
As well as adopting the festival of Eostre, the Egg, representing fertility and re-birth in pagan times, was also adopted as part of the Christian Easter festival and it came to represent the 'resurrection' or re-birth of Christ after the crucifixion and some believe it is a symbol of the stone blocking the Sepulchre being 'rolled' away.
In the UK and Europe, the earliest Easter eggs were painted and decorated hen, duck or goose eggs, a practice still carried on in parts of the world today. As time went by, artificial eggs were made and by the end of the 17th century, manufactured eggs made of various materials were available for purchase at Easter, for giving as Easter gifts and presents.
Easter eggs continued to evolve through the 18th and into the 19th Century, with hollow cardboard eggs filled with Easter gifts and sumptuously decorated, culminating with the fabulous Faberge Eggs. Encrusted with jewels, they were made for the Czar's of Russia by Carl Faberge, a French jeweller. Surely these were the 'ultimate' Easter gift, to buy even a small one now would make you poorer by several millions of pounds sterling.
The Chocolate Easter Egg
It was at about this time (early 1800's) that the first chocolate Easter egg appeared in Germany (who also invented the advent calendar) and France and soon spread to the rest of Europe and beyond. The first chocolate eggs were solid soon followed by hollow eggs. Alth

The Eostara Basket Project: Cutting the Opening

The Eostara Basket Project:  Cutting the Opening

Since one side turned out a little too soft, that is the side that I cut out to make the opening. You can see the lopsided results here. I started by cutting a small opening and then used that as a guide to cut out the larger opening. I stuck the stuffed animals inside to give some idea of the size.

I have not yet been able to locate the seed that I'm supposed to use for growing the grass. The instructions that I found on the internet call for "winter rye" seed; since I don't know the first thing about plants or gardening, if I can't find the seed today, I'll just move on to Plan B for the grass. Actually, I'm kind of leaning toward Plan B anyway because I don't want to mess up my basket with my lack of gardening skills (I have a black thumb). Even though my basket looks rather crude at this point, I'm still a little proud of it. As my mother keeps reminding me, this is my first attempt at making one. We'll see. At any rate, I now need to figure out how I want to decorate/conceal the raw cut edge. I definitely want to do something with flowers...

how to decorate easter baskets

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