Buying outdoor furniture dining sets

Material: Sturdy woods, metals like teak, powder-coated aluminum, and rattan are popular choices for outdoor dining furniture. Here are three main factors you need to consider before heading to your outdoor furniture manufacturer, supplier or store to buy patio dining sets.

Size: Although size is probably the most important aspect when buying outdoor furniture dining sets, it is often overlooked. Generally, bistro-style sets (two chairs and one table) are ideal for small patios and decks. On the other hand, rattan is the most comfortable one due to its tight cushy weaves. Metal tables, if left out in direct sun for extended periods, can heat up quickly, so it's best to keep them in a shaded area or under a patio umbrella. They fit in tight spaces and have no sharp corners to bump into. Aluminum is more versatile because of its lightweight, but still sturdy and comes in different colors. Your outdoor dining table has to accommodate all your guests comfortably while still leaving enough room to walk around it. Typically the best patio dining sets will fit into your outdoor space without making it feel overcrowded. If you have a large space in your garden or patio, go with full rectangular outdoor dining sets. The width of your table should be at least 36 inches (91 cm) wide to make ample space for place settings as well as food. While Teak is more durable than other materials when exposed to sunlight and rain, wood is probably the most beautiful one. Although the round table can be a space saver, the larger it gets the harder it becomes to reach the mashed potatoes. Just like all your outdoor furniture for your hotel, restaurant or resort, your patio dining sets must be a reflection of the image you want to show.

Round tables are also great for small areas.

Surface: Wood table tops require the least amount of maintenance since they can be easily wiped clean with a bit of mild soap. Having no corners makes it fit more people. Pedestal outdoor tables are even better, as they offer more legroom.

If you are looking to offer your visitors a great dining experience, an outdoor dining set that provides comfortable seating is essential. Similarly, glass table tops are simple to clean and make pretty accents in a garden, but their fragile nature means they're best used in covered porches, patios or decks. Before China Lounge Sets Manufacturers choosing the right material, you need to consider three main factors: durability, comfort and versatility. You can choose, depending on your outdoor space, from bistro-style tables and chairs to more traditional wood pieces.. If your outdoor furniture sets are exposed to sunlight and rain, consider complimenting rattan furniture with a patio umbrella.

The size of your outdoor dining sets will depend on your outdoor space. So if you're looking to create a small corner for relaxation, they can be a great option. Moreover, they're weak against the elements so they should definitely be moved indoors during colder seasons.

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