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Modern day exorcism and depossession

The attachment of spirit entities and demons, contrary to most belief, is very common in this country, with 75% or more of the population having attached spirits. Possessing demons are much less frequent, but cause more problems of a dark nature. A person may be living a spiritual life but retain possessing spirits and demons from earlier darker life activities. Gurus, advanced lightworkers, priests, and minsters are known to have attachments.

Attachment to a person's energy body by spirit entities and demons may be the root cause or exacerbate alcohol and drug addiction, violence and other physical abuse, sexual abuses (even among the married), overeating, suicide and attempts, sudden mood swings, additional personalities, loss of energy, multiple voices-in-the-head, unclear thinking, mental illness including depression, and criminal activities. Spirits and demons enter holes, tears, and distortions in the auric gridwork of the spirit body caused by loss of soul fragments, and loss of personal power, due to life traumas.

Spirit entities are those that at time of physical death did not "go to the Light" but as soul fragments or entire souls, became stuck on Earth due to confusion, desiring revenge, from shock and terror, having unfinished business, or simply lost and wandering.

Demons are very disruptive non-human beings who are tasked by the "dark forces" to disrupt life to the greatest extent possible by intensifying the fears and negative thoughts and beliefs of the person. Fallen angels are a form of demon.

Shape-shifting Demons are the principal adversaries in the battle between the forces of fear (darkness) and the forces of love (light). Their intent is to control humans for the "dark forces."

Dark Extraterrestrials (ETs) consist of dark reptilians and grays and other ETs that have been here for thousands to millions of years with the intent to control the thoughts and actions of humans to control earth. Many of these are renegades or outcasts from their own planet. "Blues" appear to be renegades newly here from another Universe, partly attracted to children. Invisible implants and fine thread-like wires are inserted into the nervous system of the etheric body to assist the remote control. In so doing they are breaking the Prime Directive established between earth's Creator and the Galactic Counsel over all ETs operating on earth:

* No interference with the free will of humans.
* No interference with the life's purpose of humans.

Dark ETs are directed by the "dark forces" consisting of dark reptilian ETs, fallen angels, and demons operating invisibly under leadership from the 3rd and 4th dimensions.

Clearing of dark ETs is performed by journeying to the dimension where they are operating from to control an individual (formerly the 5th, now mostly the 10th.) If breaking the Prime Directive, they are energetically transformed and permanently removed from a position of active interference.

Depossession of discarnate beings is for people who feel that something or someone is trying to control or disrupt their life or actions or thinking but are unable to point to the human cause. Spirit entities may cause addictions and symptoms of illness to the person. The attached spirit is released to the Light in the care of an angelic being who knows where the spirit needs to go for healing, love, and peace.

Exorcism of demons is a non-religious practice for people who feel something is causing fear and chaos in their lives. They may feel terrorized, or may secretly fear that they may explode into rage and violence, or that they may hurt someone. Exorcised demons are transformed into light energy.

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