A Signed Pair of Michael Jordan's 1986 Game-Worn Nike Air Jordan 1 Sneakers Is Available for Auction


Heritage Auctions is set to auction off another Michael Jordan memorabilia.

A signed pair of game-worn, 1986 Michael Jordan Nike (NYSE:NKE +1.19%) Air Jordan 1 sneakers are being offered on the auction block. The pair of shoes was worn on April 1, 1986 at the MECCA Arena in Milwaukee where His Airness was seen still nursing a broken foot he suffered the October before. Still, Jordan came off the bench and scored 28-points in 26-minutes to lead the Bulls.

In order to fit the shoe to his injury, the sneakers were slightly altered from the standard format. This mitigated the threat to Jordan’s healing foot as it traded the standard soles for softer and wider ones. A production defect left an uneven count of eyelets on each side of the right shoe’s tongue, where it misses a punch from where the third from the top should be at the interior ankle. The left shoe does not have the same defect. A ballpoint signature appears below the eyelet on the left shoe.

The shoe is estimated to sell for upwards of $1 million USD. For more information, check out Heritage Auctions.

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