Shark Ion Robot R75 Reviews

nedjelja , 07.11.2021.

As technology has become more and more advanced, automation enters various aspects of our life. Vacuum cleaning is not an exception. Now the floors of your house can get cleaned automatically by robotic vacuum cleaners.

Among countless available options, Shark Ion Robot 750 robotic vacuum can meet your requirements.

SharkNinja is a household company well-known for its classic upright vacuums. However, their diversified robotic lineup has also created some competitive advantage over their competitors like iRobot, Xiaomi, and ILIFE.

Our Shark Ion Robot R75 reviews below will dig deeper into its features and what makes the Shark robotic vacuum stand out.

Specifications and Benefits


Shark Ion Robot Vacuum R75 with Wi-Fi (RV750) has a circular shape. The available colors are either matte grey or light gray with a black outline. There are three self-explanatory buttons on top of the robotic vacuum.

The middle button is “Clean”, while the side buttons are “Dock” and “Max”. You should choose the “Max” mode when you would like the robotic vacuum to work at its maximum capacity, which is usually most of the time.

Cleaning Power

The brush arrangement and design allow different parts of the Shark Ion Robot 750 vacuum to work harmoniously, which results in better cleaning outcomes.

The main brushroll has high-tensile bristles with a helix pattern. In addition, two side brushes have bristles of different lengths. The tri-brush design helps these brushes agitate debris and dirt better.

After the brushes do their job, the motor uses its powerful suction to put the dirt or debris into the bin positioned at the back of the robotic vacuum.

With a suction power of approximately 1000 Pa, the Shark Ion Robot™ 750 connected robotic vacuum can perform well on bare floors like hardwood, tiles, marble, and low-pile carpets.

Moreover, a compact design and a low height (2.6 inches) allow it to access hard-to-reach areas by classic vacuum cleaners such as under furniture and tight areas.


In order to work independently, the Shark Ion Robot 750 vacuum needs a battery. Its battery capacity (14.4V/ 2550 mAh) helps the robotic vacuum cleaner to work continuously for up to 1.5 hours.

The maximum runtime is enough to allow the robot to clean up a large apartment with many rooms. When the Shark Ion Robot 750 robotic vacuum has finished its cleaning duty, it will take three hours to get it fully charged.

The durable battery of the Shark robotic vacuum can last for thousands of hours before it meets its fate and you have to replace it.


The Shark Ion Robot 750 vacuum comes with a big HEPA filter. Shark recommends you replace this filter (about $15/piece) every two months. However, if you clean it thoroughly, this period can extend to at least 6 months.


The maximum capacity of the RV750’s dirt compartment is 14 oz. This size leaves plenty of room to store dust and debris for a robotic vacuum.

Movement Algorithm

A number of proximity sensors help the Shark Ion Robot RV750 evade obstacles like furniture. By preventing the robotic vacuum from bumping into stuff, the proximity sensors help your device avoid unwanted damage.

Moreover, while older generations of robot vacuum cleaners have trouble dealing with stairs and ledges, Shark Ion Robot 750 robotic vacuum solves this problem with ease. Shark’s cliff sensor prevents their robotic vacuum cleaners from falling over the edge by adjusting their direction accordingly.

Additionally, these sensors also signal the robot to return to the dock when its battery is about to run out.

It looks like the Shark Ion Robot RV750 gets everything under control, and you can relax and let your robotic vacuum work on its own. Well, it’s mostly true.

The so-called “Smart Sensor Navigator” is not without its disadvantages. Because it doesn’t have a laser or a camera, the Shark Ion Robot 750 vacuum cannot create a proper virtual map.

As a result, it moves partially randomly, and in environments with multiple rooms, the Shark robotic vacuum may fail to clean certain areas or to safely come back to its base.

Smart Controls

What is typical of older robotic vacuum cleaners is that you probably control it through a simple remote control with basic functionality. This hinders the independence of the device and more manual control from you because of the limited control distance.

However, Shark Ion Robot vacuum R75 with Wi-Fi (RV750) eliminates that limitation by taking advantage of the Internet connection inside your house to wirelessly control your Shark robotic vacuum.

Using your smartphone, you can manage the cleaning operations and schedule your robot to clean whenever you want. You just need to download the application “SharkClean” from the app store and customize settings to your preference.

Even more conveniently, the robotic vacuum also supports AI programs like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. By making use of voice commands, you can order the Shark Ion Robot 750 vacuum to start or stop working.

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Price & Warranty

The price of the R75 vacuum cleaner is below $300.00, which is affordable for many people. By being the owner of a Shark Ion Robot™ 750 connected robotic vacuum, you can enjoy the warranty benefit of one year.

The Bottom Line

Our Shark Ion Robot reviews show that it’s worth buying the Shark Ion Robot RV750. It has a compact design and offers great functionality.

The Shark robotic vacuum has strong suction power and a durable battery both in terms of runtime and lifetime. In addition, its smart sensor system and controls help the robot perform seamlessly and independently. So, you can relax and let it both clean the house and charge itself.

The affordable price allows a wide range of customers to have access to it, while the reasonable warranty allows you to have enough time to experience the new convenient technology from Shark without worries about faulty performance.

Among the mid-range vacuum cleaners, Shark Ion Robot vacuum R75 with Wi-Fi (RV750) is one of the best choices on the market. However, if you want something more advanced, you can always pay some extra money to upgrade to the newest or more premium models.

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