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The air or the anti-freeze liquid in the pipes of China Air Cooler Manufacturers

With so many distinct reasons, there's no question of why geothermal energy is rising in popularity. Air or anti-freeze liquids are usually pumped through the pipes which are buried underground and are re-circulated in the household or office building.

2. This source of energy is cost-effective and energy-efficient, making it reliable for future uses. The thermal efficiency of this energy is also high as little or no energy conversion is needed during its use.

Geothermal companies offer ground source heat pumps, for air cooling and heating purposes, which extracts heat from ground or groundwater, thus lowering carbon dioxide emissions and electricity bills and increasing ecological sustainability.

In recent times, geothermal energy gains ground as it is being more and more used in heating and cooling of houses and offices. Geothermal China Refrigeration Equipment Suppliers energy, being a renewable source, can easily be used over and over again and thus lessens the risk of energy exhaustion in future. This energy originates from radioactive decay of several minerals under the earths crust and also from the solar energy absorbed by the earth's surface.

Geothermal energy is defined as the heat generated in the earths core since the planets origin.

The ground source heat pumps uses a closed loop principle of evaporation of water or liquid refrigerant (which boils at a lower temperature as compared to water and thus forms steam effectively), compression of the vapour formed and the subsequent condensation of the steam to water/liquid refrigerant for air cooling purpose. In summer, the air or the anti-freeze liquid in the pipes of the ground source pumps extract heat Semi-Hermetic Compressors Manufacturers from the building and takes it underground through the pipes, thus operating as air-coolers. While regular heating and cooling devices burn fuel or consume electricity, the geothermal energy uses a much lesser amount of electricity only to pump out heat from the earth and then directly utilize the heat energy for air heating or cooling. Because of its sustainability and lesser degree of pollution (its use reduces carbon dioxide emissions in a large way), geothermal energy is regarded as ecologically viable source of energy. The energy at present, is used in industries, commercial enterprises and even in households for various functions and is considered ecologically viable as it uses minimum exhaustible resources of the earth. This process uses constant temperature of the earth to heat and cool houses and businesses with 40-70% less energy than conventional systems.


Thus, in a nutshell, geothermal energy is a noble way of energy utilisation in the modern world. The merits of its use in the purpose of air cooling and heating are:

1. During winter, it pulls the heat from under the earths surface and supplies warm air or water to the building. The constant heat of the earth, at about 10 feet under the earths surface, remains around 50°F, which is used by these pumps for the purpose.

Ground source heat pumps : Mode of action

Air cooling and heating by ground source heat pumps is a procedure which is very much in vogue in the developed countries and is reaching a certain level of utilisation in developing nations as well

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