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Damwon Gaming was first introduced to us at 2018 Worlds. Most of the teams had been telling us about Damwon Gaming's young Korean team wearing scrims and how they were going to dominate the world in LCK the following year. Unfortunately they did not meet the expectations throughout the next year. Damwon Gaming received a boost in 2019, and qualified for Worlds however their performance was not great as they were defeated by G2 Esports in the quarter-finals. They acquired Ghost from Sandbox Gaming this year and their performance were improving with each win. Damwon are just one step away from winning the most prestigious honor of winning the "LOL" and being part of an elite group of teams that will win the "Summoner's Cup" but there are many curious about who these players are, and where they came from? We will guide you down memory lane, telling the stories of each of the five founding players. DAMWON Gaming: Who Are They. DAMWON Gaming is a South Korean professional esports.

DAMWON gaming: who are they? What do they know?

Top: Nuguri

A dedicated high school student with a passion for playing video games is how you would describe Nuguri at the beginning of his professional life, however, he began to concentrate on League of Legends far more than his studies. After taking part in an online cafe event, he was offered a position at IGS. He was a player for the entire year. Damwon Gaming saw him there and wanted him to be their starting top laner. Nuguri not only brought his incredible skill along but also his vivacious personality, and one could not really describe the importance of this in a professional setting. Nuguri quickly rose up the ranks in Korean SoloQ, and players revered him for his outstanding playing style and team fight however, despite being among the top top laners around the world, Nuguri still says he is still learning. His desire to win the Summoner's Cup has changed. He is determined to become the most effective player in the sport.

Jungler: Canyon

Canyon is the sole LCK jungler with pentakills, but the path to get to the point of attaining it was not without challenges. Canyon joined Damwon Gaming late 2018, and was a key part of the scrims Kings' time. But, Canyon played among the best junglers in the world at the age of 17. It was certainly thrilling to be able to defeat the best of them. Canyon continued to do the same in 2019 but slowly others caught on to his tactics and it affected the performance of Damwon Gaming. Canyon didn't reach the level he believed he should be able to perform at on the stage but we saw glimpses of his brilliance and there was a feeling of confidence among the Korean community that he could be capable of competing against the best at Worlds. Canyon was an excellent start to the tournament however, Jankos defeated him when he faced G2 Esports.

Damwon and Canyon endured a long and hard year and they have finally made it to the promised land and their greatest achievement was the revenge they took against G2 Esports last week in the semi-finals. Canyon has finally beaten every jungler he defeated last year, and the only thing stopping him from winning the Summoner's Cup this week is Suning Gaming.

Mid: Showmaker

Showmaker may be the most competitive player on the team, and you can tell that from his interviews. Asked to rate how important his contribution is to the team's current performance, Showmaker replied: "I find that even when I'm winning I get carried away and when I lose, I lack any energy". It's difficult for 20-year old players to be able to handle the hopes of thousands of fans who cheer for them every single week however Showmaker made that his motivation to beat the odds. Everyone on the team believes in Showmaker and frequently say that Showmaker is the most vocal member of the team, however Showmaker, a young midlaner, has often admitted to doubting himself often.

Showmaker stated in an interview it was his most successful tournament, but soon afterwards he said that he is convinced that this is his last tournament. G2 Esports have been in the forefront of Showmaker's thoughts throughout the year. He always spoke of how he wanted revenge on the team that lost last year. We could see how happy he was with their win this weekend. Showmaker would constantly send out emotes and even took over G2 Esports post-game celebration to prove that he's not willing to take any disrespect towards his team or his region. We will be seeing a Showmaker who is more at ease and comfortable with the past than ever before, because he has his sights on the future. At you can find the precise answer to DAMWON gaming: who are they.

ADC Ghost

Ghost is without doubt the most outstanding player of the season, but for his teammates Ghost is the joker. Ghost is a hilarious comedian who loves to laugh. He joked around with his goals for the season in the split earlier in the year, and stated that they would win eleven consecutively more to earn their place in the finals. Damwon Gaming was in urgent need of that. Damwon was lacking a player who believed in his abilities and Ghost was the perfect fit for them.

Ghost's former teammate, support legend Madlife is a fan of his. He awarded him the title scrim-god in part because he was unable show the show he was hyped up for. However, this time, Ghost and Damwon overcame their stage demons and the sky's the limit.

Support: Beryl

Damwon Gaming's principal shotcaller is Beryl. He is the longest-running member of Damwon Gaming and has been playing for the longest period of time. Beryl used to be an ADC but after Nuclear was brought into Damwon Gaming from H2K, he accepted to share the time with Hoit as the support player for the team. Beryl spent his time learning about his teammates and the game. However, Coach Kim was too inflexible with his choices and Beryl never had the chance to demonstrate his capabilities as a top-quality support player. Beryl was able to show his potential this year under Zefa's coaching.

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