Overwatch Tier List - The Best Heroes To Use In 2021

utorak , 29.06.2021.

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In spite of almost five years, Overwatch remains one of the most played online games for competitive play. Although Overwatch 2 is in development, it is clear that we won't be in a position to get the game.

Players are satisfied with the game in its current state. Overwatch is in a good position right now. While Overwatch hasn't had a new hero in the last year since Echo was released, the regular balance changes keep it fresh. The meta is also one of its most interesting and exciting, with many deadly heroes to choose from.

But which are doing well? Which team should you pick should you wish to be able to join Overwatch ranking and earn SR? If you're a new or an old player, there's plenty to brush up on and plenty of information to decipher. We have everything you require, and you'll climb the ranks within a matter of minutes. This is our Overwatch Tier List in all its detail. Here are the list of The Most Played Overwatch Heroes

The Most Played Overwatch Heroes


Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball has been incredibly powerful over the last few months. The main tanks are struggling a little currently, but even despite nerfs, it seems the Overwatch community has finally begun to understand how to win with the Hamster. It's among the main characters the current meta revolves around.

It's clear why he's Grandmaster rank's top-rated. If the role of tanks is to create space, Hammond is undisputed. In his capacity to disrupt and move the enemy's frontline as well as the back line, Hammond is the undisputed leader. Even with the recent nerf to his boop strength, he creates havoc for teams trying to establish their place.

He's not a character that can be improved by the passage of time. He thrives on specific rollouts and map skills. The line between feeding your brains out and tearing a team apart can be extremely thin. But, if you are able to get used to the little man, there are very few individuals as effective as him currently.


Zarya is currently the most played overwatch heroes. Zarya is currently the off-tank of choice in high-level competition. Wrecking ball is a strong partner in her work. As with the Winston/Zarya duo in the past, she has the ability to play a bubble hamster when she goes in to give him some free energy while shielding the progress from any crowd control.


When Tracer is strong on the meta, Overwatch is usually in a good spot. Overwatch is at a high point as you will observe. Tracer's cooldowns are increasing so often that in a competitive market with a lot of ability she can get a lot from being an inconvenience. Tracer can be deadly fast in the event that she fails to utilize an ability or makes mistakes in a place.


McCree is the ideal companion for a Tracer in DPS. When that mobile damage is paired with Wrecking Ball which is constantly trying to cause chaos in the team, McCree is the perfect choice for applying pressure and punishing players that are displaced.


Zenyatta is in a great spot for a variety of reasons. Due to his strength and influence of those surrounding Zenyatta, his Discord Orb is always oppressive. Zen can easily call shots by placing a discord on an object. The mobile heroes are allowed to dive and decimate key opponents by placing a discord over a target.


Mercy is the most well-known partner to Zenyatta right now but the support role is split more evenly between the characters.

However, Mercy takes the cake currently due to two main reasons. Although she isn't able to match some of the raw healing potential of the other support systems, she is consistent and, crucially, difficult to determine. She is less receptive to being dived than most supports. She can be a target for Wrecking balls and Tracers due to her ability to escape attacks.



Reinhardt has witnessed a surge in pick rates lately. Although his slower style of play might appear in contrast to the speed of the Wrecking Ball set up Reinhardt also has a great counterplay. Wrecking Ball recently saw an increase of 25% to its knockback. Reinhardt's passive Steadfast ability already gives him an additional 30% reduction in this effect. That means the hamster is going to have a rough time moving the hamster around.

Although a coordinated dive team may be superior, Reinhardt is easy to work with, especially in the case of aggressive diving. Reinhardt could be able take Ball's grip off the meta in the next few months. It's too early for him to climb to the top.


Sigma isn't well-known to be a good match for Tier 2. Due to his massive kit this tank has become so popular that it is out of favor in most compositions. After a string of nerfs that were quite severe and nerfs, he has now plenty of potential.

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