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Posljednji razgovor s Milanom Levarom

u engleskoj veziji na Peratovic Netu

Prenosim dio teksta koji se odnosi na Slavka Degoriciju i Milu Mrlu:

Mico and redeemers of UDBA's past

One day before his death, I was on the terrace of hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb and talked about case Medacki dzep with two men from Lika, one secret agent (Mile Mrla) and one former high-positioned HDZ functionary(Slavko Degoricija), and both of them started to convince me that Milan Levar was mentaly insane. Why can't he keep his mouth shut for once? The world is based on agreements. Why doesn't he except what is offered to him? He could live nicely for a long time now, if he was smart. He thinks he is Jesus?! Nothing could be prooved only with his words, the papers are needed! There are lots of different bones on Lika's area, even from the time of Turks, over some massive graves are woods!

I knew from before that his until recent allies are turning their backs, and everything that his internal enemies were talking about him, I accepted as someone wishes me a good day. Not particularlly surprised by words of those two men from Lika, I passed him one part of their words. He was not surprised.

He sent them to hell, concluding «that all of them want to redeem their bad UDBA's past, and they are not much better from those who made and ordered crimes. They talk about crimes only because of their personal benefit or personal pay offs. Poor is Croatia if people like them will be participating in government.»

Mile Mrla do danas nije dao iskaz policiji o Levarovom ubojstvu, a pohvalio se da mu je to omogućio sadašnji ravnatelj POA-e Tomislav Karamarko

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