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I realized that in my posts I seem to claim that being human is reduced to morality and the holistic interaction between the individual and the collectivity and that individualization is reduced to responsibility.
I don't, and in some of my other posts I talked about individualization as the activation of the inner causality of life within. Individualized life, not as reactivity, but as causality and creation.

The full individual cannot be reduced to its relationship with the social whole and morality, he is causal life. But life also existing in the context of social life, and the full individual becomes causal also in that dimension of life, taking full responsibility for it from his inner causality.

A property of holism is that if one does live correctly in one dimension of life, it tends to spread in the other dimensions, as life is a whole, and a well understood and integrated morality also develops the individual in his other dimensions of (individual) life, and vice versa.

I also want to clarify that even though the theory of morality above seems materialist, I am not a materialist, far from it, and this theory of morality is inscribed into a much larger spiritual concept, which would alas be too problematic to elaborate here.

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