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Man and Woman are the two Sides of God in Action

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The reason why gender roles are messed up (in certain countries) is a very complex one involving a lot of factors not mentioned in this thread. It would certainly be interesting to start a real comprehensive discussion about this issue some day. Causalities in this matter are complex and deserve a complex approach.

However, a few general notes on genders:

A woman is not an idol, a goddess. The relationship is not of subservience and superiority. A complete woman is a woman in a complementary holistic relationship with a man, as it is true of the opposite.
A complete woman is not this kind of de-feminized quasi-man proposed by feminists, her completeness comes in the form of her femininity.
Men and women have complementary interdependent roles that are not defined only in relation to each other, but in relation of what they both represent as a whole.

It is only from this holistic point that unites and transcends them both that man and woman can be understood.

Man and woman are the two sides of God in action, so to speak.

For us, God is Life and Life is God.
Man and woman both serve life by their complementary and interdependent roles.
When a man loves and serves his wife, he serves the feminine aspect of life, but also life that they form and create in common. He does so by being a full man, not "subservient" but creator, leader and patriarch.
This has nothing to do with domination.
When a woman serves and loves her husband, she serves the masculine aspect of life and also the whole that they form together.
When she gives herself in her feminine way, this is not enslavement, this is her way to give herself to the life they both represent.
A man gives himself in his masculine way by fully taking charge.

The problem with genders (in certain countries) is that they have lost the sense of what they both represent as a whole.
The couple is the unit of life, not the individual.

There is no "goddess", nor other similar insecure phantasmagoria coming from the view of the other being something remote and unreachable leading to such ideas of dominator and dominated from both sides, which are the reactions to fear.

When both genders realize their respective complementary roles in their full complete maturity, they realize that they are the two sides of God walking hand in hand serving the same sacred fire of life.

The Couple is the Divine reality. It is life created by its two complementary parts who are united in it and transcended in it.

God is holistic and life is holistic. Life is a meaning that unites its parts without dissolving them. It unites them into a higher meaning that becomes the meaning of each one of them. It is the meaning that they serve. It is who they really are.

Someone said almost correctly: "to love is not to look at each other, but to look in the same direction".

I would rephrase it a bit, and say that when a man and a woman look at each other, they see that common life they are and create together.

Link to the Same Topic on Stormfront

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