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To: All members

European majorettes’ championship (EMC) was planed from 20th till 22nd November, 2020. But there are some doubts about do we want or not to organize EMC this year:

1. Some countries still don’t have trainings, and they can not be prepared for November

2. Most of participants don’t like idea to travel several hundred or even thousand km to EMC. They are afraid of Covid-19.

3. What more some nations don’t have right to travel to some countries (for example Serbia to most of EU countries).

4. Lot of teams or participants are short with money concerning situation with Covid-19 and decrease in income to teams.

5. Situation with Covid-19 is escalating, number of influenced are bigger and bigger every day, and for sure will be even bigger in cold weather.

6. If just 2 or 3 countries will respond positively can we call that competition EMC?

Members of Executive Committee e-vote 200817 about cancelation of EMC

YES: 3 votes Kiss (Romania), Šćuric (Croatia), Đurić (Serbia)
NO: 0 votes
SUSTAIN: 2 votes Topić (BiH), Passerieux (France - did not vote because of illness)

Because of that Executive Committee made


European Majorettes Championship 2020 is cancelled. XXII EMC will be organized in 2021.

EMA is so sorry about it, it was not easy to make this decision, but health safety of our majorettes is our prime goal.

Sincerely yours,

Mihai Kiss PhD

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