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After visiting the therapist, the patient is sent to narrow specialists. Let us consider in more detail what doctors treat arthritis and other joint diseases.?

  • A rheumatologist is the primary physician who treats arthritis. buy augmentin 875 125 mg After the study, the doctor makes an accurate diagnosis, determines the type, degree and localization of the disease. If necessary, prescribes additional methods of examination and treatment (MRI, synovial fluid analysis, etc.). Then the doctor prescribes drug therapy, physiotherapy, explains the patient the prognosis of the disease. If necessary, appoints consultation of other specialists (cardiologist, allergist, etc.), and with the progression of the pathological process - consultation of an orthopedist or traumatologist.
  • The orthopedist consults with moderate to severe arthritis. If arthritis progresses, conservative treatment has no effect, stiffness and pain increase, and motor function and mobility decrease, urgent consultation by an orthopedic surgeon is necessary. Based on the examination and the examination data, the specialist will conclude that surgical treatment is necessary. In the pathology of large (knee, hip) joints, they are replaced with artificial.
  • An arthrologist is a specialist doctor who treats arthropathy, arthrosis and other joint diseases. In our country, this specialist can only be found in medical centers of federal significance. This specialist can be contacted first of all, bypassing doctors of other specialties.

What other doctors are involved in the treatment of arthritis? These include physical therapy doctors, masseurs, physiotherapists. They also play an important role in treating the ailment, getting rid of pain and reducing the inflammatory process in the joint. After surgery on the knee or hip joints, they will help to adapt to new conditions of life.


The description of the drug establishes the presence of contraindications to its use:

  • the patient has an increased sensitivity to the contents of the drug, in particular, to amoxicillin, clavulanic acid;
  • previous stages of jaundice, disturbances in the liver;
  • children under 12 years in tablet form;
  • babies up to 3 months;
  • kidney pathology.

In addition, the drug can not be taken in the presence of infectious mononucleosis. The use of tablets in this case is contraindicated, since a rash may appear on the patient's body. This phenomenon will make it difficult for the attending specialist to adequately treat.

Life span

As mentioned above, life expectancy will depend on several factors. If a young man falls ill, then serious complications can become the cause of death. As well as a decrease in the protective properties of the body. If a comprehensive examination and adequate treatment are carried out. That lifespan may increase. Especially if the patient is undergoing hospital treatment.

In many ways, the quality and duration of your life depends on you! Treat illness on time, do not put yourself at risk! After all, the risk of complications will not increase your life expectancy!

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