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Zagreb, 29th April, 2020


Concerning the fact that Covid-19 measures are still on, and for sure will be till beginning of July, plus European Commission plan to leave European Union closed for nations outside EU, so that means we will not have possibility to have Serbia, BiH and Montenegro in European majorettes’ championship if it stays in September, we have proposal to postponed activities to October and November and that is:

- Judging Exam to October
- European majorettes’ championship from 3-6th September 2020 to 19-22nd November 2020

On that way national associations have possibility to postpone their national championships till end of September.

By e-voting 200422 members vote:
4 “YES” (Kiss, Šćuric, Đurić, Topić-Ramljak)
1 “NO” (Passerieux)

So EMA Executive Committee


1. Judging Exam will be prolong to October

2. European majorettes’ championship will be prolong to 19-22nd November 2020.

Please note that EMA administration has new working hours during Covid-19 crisis

Tuesday 9:30-16:00
Wednesday 9:00-16:00
Thursday 9:00-15:30
we are not working on Mondays, Fridays and weekends.

Sincerely yours,

Mihai Kiss, PhD.

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