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...No I haven't - notice

I have several songs almost done, collecting dust for a year or so...
But...they probably need polishing...

Tricky little thing.
If you are too emotional you are using all or too much of your energy,
and if you are not greatly emotional - then the song can't be good.
That's at least how I mainly see it and how I do it.
Maybe there are some exemptions to the rule but...

So..., if you think I've forgotten...

One of them could be really nice.
I started writing it as a new version, few days before New Year.
But the event, idea, notes, versions and "sketches" are old up to one year.
Hopefully it will be done in a few days.

...No I haven't.

(grammatical error:
I've = I have
*Some people would still use it in a similar examples, even with no verb after...)

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