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By article 14 paragraph 5 of EMA Statute I invite you to


17th General Assembly on
25th Janurary, 2020 in Serbia, Bela Crkva

Official language of the Assembly: English (only)
Place: Serbia, Bela Crkva, Skupština Opštine Bela Crkva (City hall), Miletićeva 2, 26340 Bela Crkva
Arrival time: 25.1.2020. at 10:00 hours
Lodging: Laguna, Jezerska , Bela Crkva
- price 19 EUR per person per night (24 EUR in single room)
Food: In lodging, first meal Friday dinner, last meal Sunday lunch
Transfer from airport: will be organized by CMA free of charge if needed
Paying: in reception in cash for lodging and food, in restaurant for drink

Agenda for the meeting:
1. Ratification of the 16th GA Minutes

2. Place of European majorettes’ championship 2020 and 2021
• official candidatures must be sent till 9th January, 2020 – candidatures that will come after deadline will not be considered

3. Changing of EMA Rulebook
• Proposals must come in form of articles till 9th January, 2020

4. Communication with Aleš Breznikar
• CMA report

5. Opinion about IAM and collaboration with them

6. Presidential Report

7. General Secretary Report and Financial Report

8. Supervisory Board Report

9. Purchase: computer hardware, shirts, internet operator

10. Plan for 2020 fiscal year

11. Other subjects

Registration for 17th GA was sent by e-mail, and you have to send it back till 20th January, 2020

Mihai Ludovic Kiss PhD
EMA president

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