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3 Things to Do With Your College-Bound Student This Spring

As your student begins to wrap up his or her high school career and begin the transition to college, you play an integral role in easing the changes. Although your student is becoming more independent, he or she will still likely depend on you a great deal during this time. Here are three things you can do this spring with your college-bound senior to help him or her prepare for the responsibilities and experience of college.

Review the academic catalog
Every student should be familiar with their institution's academic catalog. The catalog often contains policies and procedures related to enrollment and registration; important deadlines; graduation requirements; academic integrity, student rights and conduct expectations; course offerings; department contact information, and more. Colleges make the catalog available to all students, either in print or digital format, and students are accountable for the help me with my essay contained within it. It is critical that your child understands the responsibilities as a college student. Failure to know policies is rarely a viable excuse if something goes wrong later, such as missing a deadline or cheating unintentionally. You can help reinforce your student's responsibility to this document by reading through it together. This will also help you to understand what your student's expectations are throughout the year.

Shop for supplies
A fun and exciting part of the college transition can be buying new school and dorm supplies. This can also be a teaching moment about spending responsibly, since your student will have more freedom to make financial mistakes while in college. Define a realistic budget, and have your student identify needs and wants before you go to the store. Once at the store, allow him or her to shop within the budget, selecting necessary items before desired items. Your student will probably get creative in his or her decorating choices. Allow your student room for personal expression within the budget. Shopping for these items early will save a lot of stress during move-in week when students should be focusing on connecting with their peers and acclimating to campus. You may want to wait on some of the big-ticket items - such as a miniature refrigerator, microwave, and television - until your student gets his or her roommate assignment, so they can work out who will bring what.

Encourage self-sufficiency
It may be difficult to allocate more responsibility to your high school student, but it may greatly increase their success during the college transition process if you start now. When your child moves into the dorm room, they will need to be self-sufficient to function effectively. Help them develop a schedule that allows time for meals, exercise, chores, studying, and any other important part of the day. Then, let your child stick to the schedule and see how he or she does. When students arrive at college, they often focus on being a student. This is important, but they also need to focus on taking care of themselves. If your student cannot manage time, do laundry, or prepare meals, his or her performance as a student may suffer. You can make a very positive impact by encouraging self-sufficiency now so it comes more naturally later. These are just three of many things you can do to help your college-bound student this spring. Preparing your student for college can be an emotional and overwhelming experience. Although it may be tempting for parents to take on the transition process for their child, supporting the transition may be more valuable.

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