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Are you experienced?

Sometimes our darkest secrets are ought to stay locked in our soul for the sake of our own peace of mind….To avoid empty lectures form the persons who have never experienced such horrible distress, pain, anguish and humiliation. The less we mention it, slimmer are the chances to awaken negative emotions and low self-esteem that are a consequence of judgemental society.

Lie is felt in the bottom of soul, it is a poison that corrupts our senses and insults our good willingness towards other human beings. It hurts, humiliates, steals and leaves one with a pure nothing!

Never be scared of your own power that may surprise you when the least expected…..just unleash it and do not be afraid from Divinity! Conditioning and indoctrination brought many human beings to loose their senses and natural instinct for solving barriers in life in order to put humans in a mold that is creating boring, egocentric and spoiled people without their soul.

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