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I plagiarized Rock and Roll and All

Read carefully.

(Written from 22.2.2019 to 24.3.2019 )
(minimum out loud reading time: 4 minutes - song plus 4 minutes - addendum)

I plagiarized Rock and Roll and All

Haven't you heard?
I plagiarized
It all
Elvis Presley, Tina Turner, The Beatles,
The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Scorpions,
Queen, The Cure, Morrissey,
Depeche Mode, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Cranberries,
Placebo, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys,
Marketa Irglova, The Jezabels, Greta Van Fleet...
The list of assimilated influences goes on and on and on and on...

It gone so far
I plagiarized my parents
My poor ancestors
And next of kin
Myself and
(My ways "how to sin")

And all the great evergreens
From my radio!
The whole World
You name it! :D

Now it all fits perfectly in
I unknowingly, pretentiously, non deliberately
I ripped them off!

I plagiarized Rock and Roll
And All!!!

Chuck Berry, Bryan Ferry...
You may not believe me
(Calling it "Fancy"...)
When I strikingly say so
But it is not easy for me
To acknowledge
And bring to surface
It all

And this... "Cheeky Little Prankster" :'D
Dolores O'Riordan
Of course part of her Irish soul
Must be inside my soul!
Directing me
(Now... you see...) (*pay great attention)
I stopped drinking coffee
Started eating enormous amounts of Garlic
I'm trying to be some kind of Harlic...
...Harlequin? :) (*with surprise voice)
Shh I "secretly'' sing Sinead O'Connor
Could it's a secret way to...Honor? (*with confused voice)
(...Them both...?)
I don't believe! (*with disbelief voice)
(It's more this other thing)

So how can it not be!?
How can you say it isn't so!?

I used ''their'' ideas (*emphasis on "their"/ seen from many angles)
I used ''their'' songs (*emphasis on "their" / seen from many angles)
I almost never had an
Clean idea
Of my own?

I plagiarized
Them all
(I overdosed with music!)
And it made me
Happy So!!! :D

I also plagiarized
Some bands
(I bet...)
You don't know at all! :D
Sometimes I'm so small...

I even plagiarized the
Stuff I at first didn't dare
But then I hadn't thought...
"As if they would ever know
As if they would care" :D

Elizabeth Fraser
Only recently caught my eye
...Inspired me...
You know
That strange alien voice and language (*with wondering voice)
My God
Instantly I'm "on"
Almost like...on Pins and Needles
...Pins and Needles
I wanna hear more!!!

I certainly need
To do more songs
And living
On my own
I'm busted
I'm such a Clone

I'm afraid...
I plagiarized
This humanly Treasure
Genes, words, histories and melodies...
Haven't I?
After all!?

Although now
I'm so sorry and I beg
Your Forgiveness
(There were too many to mention)

I won't hide it anymore...
I promise
I will try to do
Extra special
Uniquely new
On my own
(Please take no legal intervention!) (*with concerned voice)

This is just a small Ode
With only partly hyperbolical code
It is in your Favor and Glory
And I bow before You All !
Thank You...
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Boys and Girls,
Previous and Present
...And even some Future...
Thank You...Rock and Roll!

The new ones will come
And they too will do...
the similar mistakes
as me and you...

Let your mind bloom uniquely.
Never copy.
Make your own!
...I'm always afraid... (*with quieter voice)


Never copy. Make your own! ;-)
(You can't comprehend all the hidden meanings in this song at once!)

One ''Cute and Kind'' girl hit me, so I'm a bit bent to the side - if you know what I mean...

It is a funny cycle of inspiration and plagiarism.
Past and Future. Monkey do what monkey see.
Monkey is still only a new monkey.
Through many generations it looks almost as if all had been already done before.
And it is - and it isn't!

In the last few years... I always wanted to mention in my song how much I Love and Appreciate good Rock and Roll and excellent, exquisite music. it is! :)

I didn't have a faintest idea how to accomplish such a tremendous and challenging task...until...
I had to stall my lunch because the words keep popping into my head and it was just the thing that I've been waiting for!

I am also very eager to hear something unheard off and new!
That is also possibly one of the almost unconscious reasons - why I now, after the song is finished, believe - that's partly a reason why I've done this song in a such way.

I can already see Mr. Martin Lee Gore laughing with his famous "ha ha ha" laugh on this! :D
If ever that would be the case, let me just right now leave a notice in this place:
"Oh well, Maestro, it's good for you having your fun, you know...
But don't make a mockery out of me!" :O :D

I had to done it chronologically in the beginning, having in mind approximately the years when they became ''active''...
All singers or bands mentioned in a song are of course in the same time, the ones I respect and love to hear.
23 are mentioned throughout the song. From old ones to new ones.
There are more than a hundred unmentioned, which I also Love.

List by: becoming active
(years source: Wikipedia)
**mentioned later in a song

Elvis Presley - 1953
**Chuck Berry - 1953
Tina Turner - 1958
The Beatles - 1960
The Rolling Stones - 1962
David Bowie - 1962
Scorpions - 1965
**Bryan Ferry - 1967
Queen - 1970
The Cure - 1976
Morrissey - 1977
**Elizabeth Fraser - 1979
Depeche Mode - 1980
**Sinead O'Connor - 1986
The Smashing Pumpkins - 1988
The Cranberries - 1989
**Dolores O'Riordan - 1989
Placebo - 1994
The Strokes - 1998
Arctic Monkeys - 2002
Marketa Irglova - 2006
The Jezabels - 2007
Greta Van Fleet - 2012

Please, if you can and if you want - use your heart, knowledge, influence, status and resources and try to help Sinead O'Connor and others of you which are in need. There is no shame if being ill or alone. Yes I know what Sinead would reply...
(There is really no need for any bad feelings whatsoever)
Life isn't easy for no one. Just help if you can and if you want. Today. Don't wait tomorrow.
Good and sensible people will anyway always try to repay.

Let me know what do you think about the song...

(More songs are available on my blogs. Contact me freely.
Would be nice if I could write something for a good band or singer but...)

And that will be, dear Folks, all from me for now.
I must focus on other things...

Thank You!

(c) Copyright - All rights reserved by The smiths of destiny, Kovaci sudbine - 2019

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