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Faraway So Close

Nick Cave Cassiel's Song

...For death and you did recklessly collide
And time ran out of you
And you ran out of time
Didn't you, Cassiel?
And all the clocks, in all the world
May this once just skip a beat in memory of you
Then again those damn clocks, they probably won't
Will they, Cassiel?
One moment you are there and then strangely you are gone
But on behalf of all of us here we are glad to have you home
Aren't we, dear Cassiel?...


Nick Cave- Faraway So Close

Do not grieve at the passing of mortality,
for life's but a thing of terrible gravity.
And the planets gravitate around you,
and the stars shall dance about you, and the angels in heaven adore you,
and the saints all stand and applaud you.

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