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For You

Never try to charm me
If you’d ever
Try to harm me
(Not even in your dreams.
Not even in my dreams.)
Sitting side by side we were.
My left arm(pit) was safely
Around your neck
So you can imagine
Where your head was
Your head was on my left
It almost doesn’t matter
Which exact way it was
In my dream
(Or should I say, now)
There are only fragments
Bits and pieces
Of this and that
All kinds of stuff
(Often hard to explain or relate)
But still…
There are some
Fragments of You.

As an dream explanation
Some would say:
You miss me
Some would say:
I miss you
And I would say…
“Be careful in Life
I wish You luck
I like to cuddle You
And protect You
And I Love You
(Obviously, strangely)”
As far as the two of us...
Are concerned
It might be my only purpose
And meaning…
Just to be here
For You

I’m not a Merlin
But I
I will...try
What I can
For You
Never forget that
Never forget…

(written up to 12.1.2018)

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