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I cover the waterfront
Watching the sea
I cover the waterfront
I could see the ships coming in to the harbor
I could see the people getting off board
I could not see my love got off board
I cover the waterfront

An after a while
All the ships left the harbor
Heading for their next destination
I cover the waterfront

I waited all night long
In the pouring rain
Searching for my baby
I was drinking black coffee from a paper cup
And smoking 40 cigarettes, yeah
And when the sun in the sky
Came up early in the morning
I said, Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord Lord, bring may baby back
Bring my baby back
I still cover the waterfront

I cover the waterfront
Watching for my baby to come down
And after a while
I saw a ship coming down the ocean
Out of the fog
Rolling so, so, so slow
Must be my baby coming down
I cover the waterfront

And I saw my baby
Coming down, coming down the gangway
I said from the bottom of my heart,
Thank you Lord for bringing my baby back home to me
I been so lonely, sitting in my room, by my telephone
Said baby, welcome back home!
Welcome back home!

After a while
The ship pulled in to the harbor
And she’d run run run to my arms
Said Johnny, I been waiting so long, so long
To come down
I know, I know, you’ll be waiting for me,
Covering this old waterfront
Covering the waterfront
For me, me, me, me

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