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Dear friends,

Unfortunately there was mistake in Arena plan parade march route

1st straight part is 19 not 25 meters
2nd straight part after bend is 31 not 25 meters

So numbers for meters in route for parade march must be
19 (not 25)
29 (not 35)

Sorry for inconvenience.


By article 14 paragraph 5 of EMA Statute EMA president want to summon special General Assembly within 15 days and to do so he asked preliminary decision of EMA Executive Committee. Special summon is urgent because Maja Žigman, general secretary of EMA sent us her resignation. Because of that we must elect new general secretary. In same time we have to settle not defined problem of competition in case of less number of participant than 3 per category which was not defined at all in EMA acts. Third subject is definition of mace which is not good defined now, and by French proposal we have to do it before European championship this year. All those thing are very urgent to be decided. Because of that president asks Executive committee members for e-vote with question “Can EMA president summon special GA within 15 days: YES - NO”. Deadline for voting was 15th July 2015.

All 5 members of Executive committee vote “YES” so decision was unanimous.

So, by that decision and by article 14 paragraph 5 of EMA Statute I invite you to

11th General Assembly on
6th August, 2015 in Slovenia, Radeče, Ulica Milana Majcna 1

Official language of the Assembly: English (only)
Place: Slovenia, 1433 Radeče, Občina Radeče (City hall) Ulica Milana Majcna 1, sejna soba
Arrival time: 6.8.2015. at 09:00 hours
Lodging: if delegates need lodging they have to organize it by themselves. Cost of lodging is on every national association.
Food: Food also has to be organized by delegates themselves.

Agenda for the meeting:
1. Ratification of the 10th GA Minutes

2. New members ratification

3. Place of European majorettes’ championship 2016
• official candidatures must be sent till 1st August 2015 – candidatures that will come after deadline will not be considered

4. Changing of EMA Rulebook, proposals by president

Article 1.4.4. between words “input” and “disqualification” there will be “,”

New article 2.1.3.
If in one categories there are less than 3 participants champion can be competitor which earn average of at least 70 points per judge, if competitor earns 60-69 points he/it will get title of vice-champion or 50-59 points bronze medal.

Old article 2.1.3 become article 2.1.4.

Change of article 3.1.2. to:
“Baton must be 400 grams or lighter and 75 cm or shorter, but mace must be 401 grams or heavier and 76 cm or longer”

2nd paragraph of article 4.1.4:
In case of citizen of any country member of European Union that can prove by ID, other document or on other way that she/he is resident in other country of European Union where she/he is not citizen she/he is considered as citizen of that country and has same status as citizen from article 4.1.4. paragraph 1 where she/he is resident, but during EMC she/he cannot change that status. Citizens of non European Union countries cannot have that status.

Article 8.2.2. is not on any more and is deleted.

In article 9.1.1. word “baton-technique” is changed by “props technique”.

In article 9.2.2. word “baton-technique” is changed by “props technique”.

In article 9.4.11. words “maximum two for formation and three for nonformation” are deleted.

In article 9.5.10. words “baton and mace” is changed to “pom-pom”.

In article 9.5.11. words “baton and mace” is changed to “pom-pom”.

In article 9.8.2. words “in section for asynchronization and others” are deleted.

In article 9.8.11. words “3,0-5,0” is changed to “3,0-4,9”

Proposals by Mr. Kiss, vicepresident

Change of article 9.7.2
" 9.7.2. Every prop’s contact with the surface is considered as prop drop, unless any other part of prop is in the hand of a majorette. "

to become
" 9.7.2. Every prop’s contact with the surface is considered as prop drop, unless any other part of prop is in the contact, supported and held with any part of the body of a majorette. "

Vicepresident popose discussion about:
- judging system - to divide the 110 points in more than 4 parts - like we have now
- the quality of judging to decrease the complaining after competition
- some penalties/measures for those judges which are far from the average of all other judges...maybe to put one judge to analyze all judging lists before input the data in the computer and to alert the judge which made an error or a "mistake" and to offer the possibility to made the change in the specific this we can keep a level of good judging, we can avoid subjective and personal interests and not in the last way we can avoid the stupid and pathetic explanations concerning personal judging...
- seminars for trainers and judges

5. Presidential Report, Financial Report, Supervisory Board Report

6. Election of
v President of EMA
v Vice-president of EMA
v general secretary of EMA
v Executive Committee
v Supervisory Board
• all candidatures must be sent on registration form to EMA e-mail or fax till 31st July 2015. All candidates will be published in EMA blog that associations can have information to discuss in their bodies. There will be no candidatures after 31th July 2015 or on General Assembly because national associations instruct us that they have to discuss about candidates and decides on their bodies who to support in elections.
• if one national association candidate representative from other national association or country he/she must give them written permission that they can do that and that he/she has will to candidate. Without that permission candidature will not be considered as one.

7. Other subjects

was sent to EMA members by e-mail

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