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well darlin this is it, and I'm not a complicated person
you're all I've got, and I mean you're all I'll ever need
just like you are, you look like you could use these open arms
with these broken arms, I'll try and hold you all together
you spun the wheels, on this rusty heart, & I'll never be the same
and we're no accident, though sometimes we won't survive the crash
I'll be your ambulance, I'll let you sleep right here inside of me
let it leave a scar when it heals, so we can remember what not to do
it's those natural tattoos that I love, drawn over every inch of you
It's our only map, it's all we'll ever have to offer
and all I am is for you, until I'm tied down to my coffin
I'm not that good with words, I'll try my hardest anyways
and they get caught, in my throat no matter how loud I scream them out
grow old with me, I can't seem to say it any more convincingly

I'm sure that this is it, our song's playing anyways
so let's go and dance, like ghosts happy to be alive
we're so much stronger, than anything they've ever taught us to fear
and that's my plan, it's thin but it'll stand up just the same
so take my hand, hold it like your life depends and close your eyes
and take a step, I want to be the ground--right there like it's always been
you pulled the pin, and asked me to hold your heart together
but not with words, you crash landed right here inside my hands
my little bird, let's go and fly this globe all over
and show them how, our love does fill up all the oceans
I don't deserve you, and I'll probably fail you in almost every single way
and so I'm sorry, love your husband on your wedding day

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