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Space oddity - The coolest mankind oddity of all times (part 1)

There is lots of places worth to be seen when visiting Moscow. The most common places visitors usually select are Red Square, Kremlin and Saint Basil's Cathedral. If have more time to spent, they visit some other places (Moscow: 10 Things to Do). But there is one true place which, whatever you think, is the coolest one among all places to visit. And this place is a direct connection to stars not only in Moscow but in the entire World. The location is on Prospekt Mira 111.

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Space museum in Moscow!

As a young boy, I was dreaming I'm flying through the space. I was looking at the sky to find a star which is waiting to be discovered by myself, the star which is created just for me. Today, some boys share the same dream. They are touching fallen asteroids exhibited in museum and they have a dream. And if they are focus in and have strong will, they may realize their dream. The photo album you are watching is part of such or similar story. Never-ending story of humans, their dreams and their home because ... Space is our true home, isn't it?

When started making satellites and space ships, engineers were always making them in, at least, a pair. You know, if something bad happen', they will have reserve. Very cleaver. And such, in today's world we have luck to see the originals in museums. And guess, reserve or replica for which legendary satellite is for the very first one build and launch into the Space? Yes, this is original Sputnik 1 exhibit in Space museum in Moscow.

The following one was also one among beginners. It was in the beginning of Space era and happen' during that early time, end of 50ies and beginning of 60ies.

Just like previous, this is also the original one, too. The story he tells is about just another artifact in Cosmonaut's museum in Moscow. Isn't that cool?

Whatever happens with Soviet/Russian space program, this era is for sure the part of the history on which they have to be proud because ... They open new era in the history of mankind. Would you believe that this little guy, sitting below big one was their first module landed at the Moon? His mission was only to tell us: "Hey guys, I'm here! “

Before sending human, Soviets/Russian were sending dogs. Famous Laika is not preserved... Little Laika unfortunately paid tribute to the development of space technology and landed in the form of slurry. Sadly.

But here are Belka well preserved and stuffed...

... and Strelka. Who knows would these little creatures ever forgive mankind they've been sacrificed for experiments even in such way they become immortal? In any case, what you see here is for sure cool, very cool and believe or not - the original!

And now, the turn is on man. This is the first Soviet/Russian space suit model. And this very fashion model was tailored especially for one guy. His name is Juri.

Juri was not tall guy and in that time, each suit was specifically tailored for the each cosmonaut individually. Well, what to say on just one another original in the museum?

Do you recognize this space ship? This is twin brother of the first one in the history of mankind. And guess who was flying inside this tin can?

No one is immune to an excitement and fear. Therefore, for the scientific purposes, when flying through the space and especially in that very early and first time, astronauts were under special treatment. This is the original electrocardiogram as memory for the first flight of the first men's trip to the open space. And as you can see, Yuri was obviously excited. So who would not have been at his place?

I believe this photo does not need additional explanation. You are right and your answer is correct. This is small guy who becomes a big hero not only of his nation but of whole world.

And this is the first photo of the Earth taken from the space. This is very precious memory in black and white technique.

Well, this artifact is part of the history. The coolest part of the history and in year 1961 because ... Yuri Gagarin landed on the Earth in module like that. Together with the module above, it was called Vostok 1.

People like watches and are ready to pay a lot for some of them. But, even though there are lots of expensive watches manufactured by cool brands, the most coolest and valuable one is not special and even not expensive. This is photo of the original artifact belonging to small Yuri. This watch it probably has the highest value among all watches of all times and as such will probably stay forever.

The first pencil ever done is patent of one Croatian guy but ... Do you wish to write with this pencil? Guess who the owner was and where this pencil was travelling through? And do you think you have money to buy it? I doubt simply because this is first pencil in the Space.

Valentina Tereshkova, first women in the Space.

This is a Russian space suit, advanced model. In compare to older one, this is for sure fashion stuff at least because of color. The original model who was carrying it on space runway was Valentina. What to comment but: “Women like fashion.”

This is poster with German Titov, just another Soviet/Russian famous space guy.

What you see here is the original edict of honors given to German.

Once John Lennon said Beatles are more popular than Jesus. It was in early 60ies when they were causing hysteria and scream wherever they go and play. But believe me, this is not really true. In that time these guys were much more popular and not only inside USSR but outside, as well.

When I was child my favorite TV series was famous "Lost in space". It was cool watching adventures of astronauts and crazy robots in the environment of unknown and scary space creatures full of uncertain mysticism.

But, do you think this is also cool? May you imagine this traveler module landed to Mars? Well no but this stuff really did it or even was intent to do. What make the stuff great is very early model of solar cells in the form of collector supplying spacecraft with additional and constant energy. After lot of trials and mistakes Soviet/Russians finally reach and land on the Mars in early 70ies.

Sergei Pavlovich Korolev was the main Soviet engineer involved in the construction of Soviet's space program. Of course, lot of engineers and cleaver people were working on this program but the history and glory, as we all know, always goes to one, to the leader.

Sergei's personal notes on space program projects from these pioneers’ years of glory.

There are lots of phones in the world which are valuable or special. Of course, the first ever build has no competency but ... This is definitely the coolest phone in the world of all time simply because via this phone Korolev was speaking with Juri and other cosmonauts. Photo isn't excellent but...

As we all know Soviets loose race in outer space, Americans beat them. They send first man to the Moon and whole Apollo program, especially started from Apollo 11 was really really magnificent. I remember these glory days when we all were gathering in front of TV watching live TV broadcast from the Moon. It was so exciting and promising. Just like the whole space era caused by the competency between two super power forces in the World of 20th century.

Yes, Americans send first man in the orbit around the Moon ... But ... Soviets/Russians send and landed there first lunar module. Afterwards American send the first man but Soviets/Russians send the first independent lunar vehicle, a robot. And just like in science fiction the principle of movement and understanding the environment was really done of what becomes a nucleus later called artificial intelligence. Isn't that cool? Therefore, there have not been beaten completely by Americans. They just didn't have enough resources to follow the Space race because of their limited economy and problems caused by military competition with Americans. Even though following photos of original artifacts (remember, the really original one were lost but engineers always make spacecraft’s in twins or triplets) are photos of original replica.

Ladies and gentleman, this was the short story of pioneers but, it’s not the last one. In the next episode of Moscow Space Museum and it's artifacts I’m leading you into a new adventure that lasts to nowadays. This will be the adventure in the orbiting space station which, believe it or not, in the next years will be a springboard for a man's journey into space. For the start it will be journey to the Mars and then probably much far far away.


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