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Makfest 2012 - Makedonska Muzika - Download MP3 Free

Makfest 2012 - Makedonska Muzika Makfest is music festival of modern pop-rock songs, organized for few decades in the city of Stip, Macedonia.
We talked more about Makfest 2012 edition in our previous article, so here we will post just some facts, the winners, and free MP3s of course.

Main music theme of the festival: "Feel The Rhythm" (Pocuvstvuvaj Go Ritamot) by Viktorija Loba
Semifinals: two, at 26th and 27th of October
Final night: 28th of October
Songs performed: 37 new songs
Music guests: Kiki Lesendric and "Piloti" band
Location: Shtip, Republic of Macedonia

Winners - Makfest 2012

The winners at Makfest 2012...

Prizes according to audience:
- 1st - Sara Markoska - Posle Nego
- 2nd - Tamara Todevska - Gotovo E
- 3rd - Biba Dodeva - Seti Se Shtom Zavrne

Prizes according to music jury:
- 1st - Tamara Todevska - Gotovo E
- 2nd - Sonja Kochic - Mojot Son
- 3rd - Aleksandar Belov and Milica Majstorovic - Pazi Me Ti

Best vocal performance (interpretation): Tamara Todevska for "Gotovo E"
Best lyrics: Ognen Nedelkovski for "Koga Si Odish" (by Ivan Radenov)
Best music arrangement: Zoran Aleksic for "Ne Me Zasluzuvash" (by Viktori)
Most listened song from Makfest 2011 to Makfest 2012 (in last 365 days): "Jas Sum Toj" by Darko Ilievski and Nikola Paunovic
Best performance at stage: Hristijan Todorovski - Kiko and "Bach" (Bah) ballet studio (Struga)

Makfest 2012 - Makedonska Muzika - Download MP3 Free

So far we shared only one song from "Makfest 2012. It's "Pocuvstvuvaj Go Ritamot" by Viktorija Loba.
We plan to share two more songs:
- Tamara Todevska - Gotovo E
- Sara Markoska - Posle Nego

If you like to download some other free MP3 song from the 27th edition of Makfest, please leave a comment.

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