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Cheap Loan Offer with Cheap Interest Rate

You can now get a guaranteed payday loan in 1 hour from several money lending companies online. The major criterion required for obtaining this type of a payday loan is you should be employed or if you are a senior citizen you should be covered either by the government operated social security funds or you should be a recipient of a monthly pension. Secondly, the regular funds that you are receiving should be through a valid and active bank check-in account and in the cases where you are employed, you should be above eighteen years of age. There would be no need for any documentation to be submitted at the time of applying or even the need of faxing of any bank statement. This is because the prescribed application is available online and the borrower would need to duly fill and submit the same online. The loan requested for would then be deposited into the bank account of the borrower within one hour.

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