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Can I Get a Payday Loan in One Hour?

Availing of a same day loan has many pros and cons. Firstly the money received through the payday loan could be used for any cause as the money requested for would be deposited directly into your bank account and could be withdrawn using your automatic teller machine (ATM) card at any time on the same day. Unlike the regular personal loan where you would have to wait for a minimum of three to four days before the loan is sanctioned, these loans are approved instantly. The process of applying for a regular personal loan where you would have to provide a whole lot of papers on documentation of bank balance, employment details and also have others to vouch for you is not necessary. The payday loans are provided online with no need for documentation papers. Finally the only major criteria that you would have to comply with is, you should be employed and have a valid bank account besides being above eighteen years of age to be eligible to this loan.

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