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Bad Credit Payday Loans Are Now Available

Guaranteed payday loans are a way out when one is in financial debt. These are short term loans and can be easily obtained as the prerequisites are simple. To qualify for this type of payday loan the borrower needs to be permanently employed, have a valid saving or checking account, have a monthly income of more than $1000, above 18 years in age, and should not have many unpaid payday loans in the borrower's name and should not have dishonoured checks. If all these criteria are met then one can be eligible for the loan. Almost anyone can apply for the loan. Just fill in the application form and submit. A professional will go through it to verify whether the application is genuine. Once the loan is approved the money will be deposited into the borrower's checking or savings account within 24 hours. When trapped in a financial problem one can easily get out of the trap with a guaranteed payday loan.

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