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30 Mud Tires : Calgary Tire Shop : Tyre Inflator Foam

30 Mud Tires

30 mud tires

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  • thirty: being ten more than twenty

  • 7.62 mm caliber is a nominal caliber used for a number of different cartridges. Historically, this class of cartridge was commonly known as .30 caliber, the Imperial unit equivalent, and was most commonly used for indicating a class of full power military main battle rifle (MBR) cartridges.

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new rig

new rig

2010 Giant TCX frame set
FSA headset
FSA Gossmer Cranks with Mega XO external BB
40t Surly chain ring
Salsa Chain guard
N-Gear Jump Stop chain guide
Ultegra 9 speed STI levers (set up 1x9)
Ultegra RD
Ultegra 12-27 cassette
SRAM chain
Shimano 105 rear hub laced to Mavic Open Pro rim w/DT Swiss spokes
Hutchison Bulldog tires
Specialized 30.9 seat post
Specialized Phenom saddle 143 CroMo rails
Paul touring canti rear Neo Retro canti front w/Salsa cable hangers
3T stem 110 31.8
Ritchey WCS bar 31.8
Specialized S-Wrap bar tape
Specialized Stout front hub laced to Salsa Delgado Cross rim w/DT Swiss spokes
Shimano cables
Jagwire housing

3rd Stuck

3rd Stuck

N 10.86748 E 30.02730

Probably you are wondering what I was thinking driving into this. Well,
to be fair, my passenger side front wheel is on dry ground. If the four
wheel drive in this truck were working, this would have been no problem.

The man and boys in the foreground really helped me out. We were digging
with our hands for the better part of an hour.

30 mud tires

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