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day nine

day nine

this is sooc. i haven't done a sooc picture in quite a while.

today was pretty good. no school, so i got to sleep in a little. i also caught up on everyone's streams this morning. then, i went shopping downtown. i got a pretty little dress for church on easter sunday, and well as this cool little crochet vest. then we went to the costume shop, and it was having a huge sale because it's closing so i bought two really cool hats. they'll be on my stream soon.

anyway, so them we went to subway for lunch, and then i had track practice. it was just pre-meet, because i have a big invitational all day tomorrow. and after that, i went to my boyfriends baseballs game, and then holy thursday mass, which is one of my favorite masses out of the entire year.

it was really nice to be off of school, even if i ended up being busy.

also, my new camera is supposed to get here tomorrow. it's and old twin lens reflex camera. i bought it off of ebay a few days ago. i can't wait. i'm not sure if it works, or if they still make the film, but it was cheap, and i think i'm going to start a camera collection.

please press L. everything always looks better on black.



Long day today. This is all that's left: a tired plate of dried spaghetti sauce and a messy kitchen.

iPhone apps used: Camera+ (control over exposure point and focal point, took two photos, one dark, one light), TrueHDR (merged the dark and light photo), Perfect Photo (color balance, denoising, levels), Tiffen Photo fx (vignette), TiltShiftGen (further depth of field/miniaturizing focus, more vignetting), and back to Camera+ for a little grunge effect, then uploading to Flickr.

I know, complicated, huh?

2011-03-05: Updated. I couldn't resist, I re-edited this photo is Paint Shop Photo Pro and re-uploaded. Turns out that even though the camera-phone apps *can* edit, doesn't mean they edit *well*.


cheap new tires for sale

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