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How To Read Tire Dimensions

how to read tire dimensions

    tire dimensions
  • Tyre dimensions are normally given in a format like 145/70-R17. The width of this tire is 145 mm. The height of the sidewall, the distance from the edge of the wheel to the edge of the tire, is 70% of the width. 17 is the diameter of the wheel the tire is designed to fit on in inches.

    how to
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Study in Scale and Dimension

Study in Scale and Dimension

Lofoten Islands, Norway --- REPOST I've always liked this photo more than it probably deserves - it has an abstract quality that appeals to me. Part of the reason we enjoy our own photos of course is knowing the context in which we took it and other viewers cannot make this association so the image must stand on its own. This was taken when I was travelling in northern Norway on the Hurtigruten* which is unquestionably my favourite mode of travel in Norway. It is a photographer's dream to ply the fjords of Norway on these ships - the light and the sights change constantly in some of the most spectacular land/seascapes in the world. Highly recommended!

* (a shipping service originally created over 110 years ago as a vital link to the remote coastal communities, carrying supplies and passengers, the Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Voyage has never strayed far from its original route always hugging the rugged Norwegian coastline touching some of Norway's last wildernesses. -- taken from a Norwegian tourist brochure)

I'm not absolutely sure where this was taken so I chose an approximate location ... if you know where this port of call is in Norway send me a Flickr mail and I will be sure to correct it on the map.

...plo plo plo plo PLOP ! PLO PLO PLO grzzzing

...plo plo plo plo PLOP ! PLO PLO PLO grzzzing

This is (an approximation of) the sound of the blowing tyre auf die
autobahn. Exploded front right tyre, flat spare tyre, no tyre of the
right dimension in the nearest garage. Ok so let's go for a shortened
night at an hostel in a small town, wait tomorrow for a pair of brand
new tyres.
The road to mine exploration is paved with so many obstacles...

how to read tire dimensions

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