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Vanagon spare tire carrier : 18 inch tires cheap : Boat trailer tire pressure

Vanagon Spare Tire Carrier

vanagon spare tire carrier

    tire carrier
  • Most jeeps have a spare tire mounted on the back of the Jeep.  When you have oversized tires, you may have to get an additional tire carrier that is mounted to the bumper instead of the standard carrier attached to the tailgate.

  • Same as a Spare Tire Carrier.

  • The Volkswagen Type 2 (T3) was the third generation of the Volkswagen Transporter. It was generally known as the Transporter or Caravelle in Europe, and to some in the United Kingdom and Ireland as the T25, and as the Vanagon in the U.S. It was built from May 1979ETKA until July 1992.

  • US name for a T25 / T3 / Wedge, etc.

  • thin and fit; "the spare figure of a marathon runner"; "a body kept trim by exercise"

  • Make free or available

  • spare part: an extra component of a machine or other apparatus

  • Give (something of which one has enough) to (someone); afford to give to

  • Be frugal

  • refrain from harming

GRC spare tire carrier

GRC spare tire carrier

The start of the assembly. This will be the base of the carrier with a vertical tube for the tire attachment.

IMG 9510 1

IMG 9510 1

1984 Vanagon with new bumper carrier that holds the spare tire, a gas can and the generator

vanagon spare tire carrier

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