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18 inch rims tires : Hanson tire world : Winter tyre.

18 Inch Rims Tires

18 inch rims tires

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2005 Roush Mustang Stage 2, Roush 18 inch rims, BF Goodrich 275/40 ZR18 99Y

2005 Roush Mustang Stage 2, Roush 18 inch rims, BF Goodrich 275/40 ZR18 99Y

3/12/11. Milwaukie, Oregon. Nikon Coolpix S8000. Handheld. SOOC.

Since being established in 1976 as Jack Roush Performance Engineering, ROUSH has become the winningest name in racing, with numerous championships in professional drag racing, road racing, and NASCAR. The ROUSH company is also recognized internationally as a premier provider of automotive product development and systems integration solutions, with more than 2,000 employees in facilities across the globe. The company's success remains deeply rooted in the core values that are unique to ROUSH: reliance upon the talent of the individual, a disciplined work ethic, scrupulous attention to detail, and an acutely intense desire to be the best. As a result, every ROUSH product shares in this rich tradition of racing performance and the highest level of OEM quality and design.



Gti jetta w/ Headlights, tailights, double exhaust pipes and 18 inch rims w/ Tires 265 35 r18

18 inch rims tires

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