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Most Popular Toys Of 2011

most popular toys of 2011

    most popular
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Mar 13 2011 [Day 132] "XBOX, Returned"

Mar 13 2011 [Day 132]

XBOX, Returned.

I have learned a lesson, and it’s a lesson I thought I had learned before but apparently not.

About 6 months ago a friend of mine was riding the fence on if he should get an Xbox or not. I have 2 and didn’t really use the 2nd one very often so I offered it to him as a loaner to see if he enjoyed it.

Well he never really played it claiming not enough time and such. On February 26th I sent him an e-mail (though he lives only a short distance away it’s always been our most popular form of communication) asking for the Xbox back since he had it for six months, we didn’t see him that often and though not communicated to him our other HDTV is in my room now which meant I could play it in there or watch movies.

His response was “Ohh? Is there a problem?” This caught me off guard as no there wasn’t a problem simply put I just wanted my XBOX back… So I explained it to him again… His response to that was a kick in the balls and he starting accusing me of being insecure and saying “I would have done something similar with toys in elementary school if I felt a friend wasn't showering me with their attention”… accusing me of losing my mind… all in response to me asking for my XBOX back. He went on to say that he and I needed a cool down period.

So anyway, long story short…
There is much more of an exchange between him and me until I finally wrote…

Before you send me another mail about how insecure I am or how grateful I should be to you don't bother.

Just get the XBOX back to me along with the power cord, controller, the game and the headset. It's not that hard... You have had the fucking thing for six goddamn months and didn't play it (yes I know you turned it on and such and didn't have time and such) so I have no fucking clue why you had to go down the path you did...

The right thing would have been to just fucking say sure I will get it back to you next time I am up or in the area and thank you for letting me barrow it... but no you had to make this out to be all sorts of fucking drama!

I guess I should have waited another 23 weeks for you to "cool" down over me asking for my Xbox back.

Over. Done.

A mutual friend was nice enough to get the XBOX from him and give it back to me.

Lesson learned... probably shouldn't loan things out.

most popular toys of 2011

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