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Hot Toys Scar

hot toys scar

    hot toys
  • Hot Toys is a Hong Kong based production house for designing, developing, and manufacturing highly detailed collectible merchandise to worldwide markets.

  • a mark left (usually on the skin) by the healing of injured tissue

  • Mark with a scar or scars

  • mark with a scar; "The skin disease scarred his face permanently"

  • Form or be marked with a scar

  • scratch: an indication of damage

"And I thought MY jokes were bad... " *sideways glare*

"Clearly it is tragic that we are talking about this as his last complete performance. I would love it if he were to be walking in the room right now -- he would be talking; he's great company. I looked forward to working with him many times in the future, I looked forward to being his friend for many years to come. But this movie can be a celebration of his talent and he truly deserves that. He was a fierce talent, and I was very fortunate to get to witness that talent and work with it and know the man during his lifetime."
(~ Christian Bale, Bruce Wayne/Batman in The Dark Knight - Chicago Tribute, July 2008)

"[..] We tried our hardest to really do everything in this movie that we would want to see the Joker do and to get that in the fabric of the story as much as possible. We wanted the Jokerís final taunt to Batman to be that they are locked in an ongoing struggle because of Batmanís rules. Thereís a paradox there. Batman wonít kill. And the Joker is not interested in completely defeating Batman because heís fascinated by him and he enjoys sparring with him. Itís trapped both of them. That was really the meaning of it. Of course what happened is Heath created the most extraordinary character that you would love to see 10 movies about. Thatís the bittersweet thing. It was incredible characterization. It is a bittersweet thing for all of us."
(~ Christopher Nolan, director of The Dark Knight - Los Angeles Times, October 2008)

"Finally, there's Ledger, whose performance I suspect will be the subject of many analyses of all sorts in the weeks and months to come. What he does with The Joker is, quite frankly, nothing short of transcendent. Early in the film he explains the origins of his trademark facial scars, and you worry for a moment that the filmmakers are giving this psychopath some kind of convenient explanation, which, talented though he was, Ledger won't be able to overcome. But by the third time he's explained where they come from Ė each time telling a different tale Ė you realize that Ledger was a master of his craft, only in his final years finding roles that truly offered him the chance to explore that mastery. His is the definitive movie Joker, and he owns the role and achieves a level of abject insanity that is terrifying as it is irresistible."
(~ in a review of The Dark Knight, June 2008)

~ o ~

Picture is a test shot of my beloved and more than incredible HOT TOYS Joker action figure that I got a month or so ago. I'm planning a special photo shoot revolving around it. There are no words to express how stunning the figure is, not to mention how excited I am about my pre-ordered Bank Robber Joker version as well (that even surpasses this one as far as resemblance to Heath is concerned). I am in love. It's been a while since an action figure made me feel like this. I'm a complete HOT TOYS fangirl, falling for their expensive figures! They so have me in their clutches. *hears an evil cackle*

Edited backgrounds are either from The Dark Knight movie or Heath Ledger articles (for that collage-y look).


"See, I'm a man of simple tastes. I like dynamite, and gunpowder... And gasoline! Do you know what all of these things have in common? They're cheap!"

"Heath was actually one of the first pieces of the puzzle that came into place. We knew that casting this role was going to be one of our biggest challenges with the film because of Jack Nicholson's iconic Joker. It was going to differentiate us and summarize what our take on this Batman movie was.
When we cast Heath, we didn't have a script at this point. But Heath's agent expressed interest, and Chris thought it was an interesting idea. He had talked to Heath on many occasions over the years about different roles, and they never quite found the right thing to work on together, but they chatted and had a fantastic meeting, and Chris left thinking, 'Oh my goodness, this is the guy.' There was no formal audition, just a meeting of the minds."
~ (The Dark Knight producer Emma Thomas on casting Heath Ledger -, Dec 2008)

"I donít really compete with other actors. Itís more like I compete with myself."


"Heath is the man in this movie.Ē
~ (Christian Bale/"Batman" on his engagement with Heath Ledgerís Joker on the screen in The Dark Knight -, Dec 2008)

~ o ~

The picture is of the stunning Bank Robber version of the HOT TOYS Joker action figure that I've pre-ordered back in August and which finally arrived. What a great Christmas present it is! :)

It's good to have both the first and this Bank Robber version because not only does the new figure sport a new and improved headmold with an even closer resemblance to Heath Ledger's Joker from The Dark Knight than before, it's also masterfully painted and detailed in the face unlike any Joker figure on the market. His smudgy and running make-up, the puffy facial scars, the realistic wetness of his eyes (so life-like!), the movie accurate outfit and shoes and not to mention the goodies like the clown mask, bag, gun, shot gun, wad of cash and other extras, are all beautiful and little works of art.

Just looking at the figure makes me relive the movie's 6 min prologue sequence that I've been obsessing over with other fans since it aired before the premiere of I Am Legend back in December 2007. It was a great idea on The Dark Knight director Nolan's part to promote his movie this way and to build up the unbelievable hype that will be talked about for many years to come.

When the movie was released half a year later, the fans who've seen the prologue already, as well as anyone who did a little research online in the months before the premiere, knew of the surprise reveal at the end of the sequence... One of the masked clowns robbing the bank is the Joker himself and he's not sharing his money with anyone! Bang, bang, bang!

Edited background is from The Dark Knight movie.


hot toys scar

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