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Popular toys this year - Top toys for boys christmas 2011 - Boys play toys.

Popular Toys This Year

popular toys this year

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Dinky Toys - 1947-52 Austin A40 Devon Saloon (#40D or #152)

Dinky Toys - 1947-52 Austin A40 Devon Saloon (#40D or #152)

This diecast Dinky was produced by Meccano Ltd. (Liverpool, UK) between 1949 and 1960. For the last 4 years of this production run (1956-60), the Austin Devon was released only in a two-tone color scheme. Thus, the particular single-colored toy shown in this photo had to have been produced between 1949 and 1956.

As indicated in several previous photos in my photostream, the "40" series of Dinkys -- ultimately consisting of eight British saloon (sedan) cars -- was the first completely new series introduced by Meccano after production resumed following the end of WWII. This diecast Austin Devon toy (originally numbered #40D) was presumably the fourth in this series. It was re-numbered as #152 in 1953-54. Since there is no number stamped on the baseplate of this car, it is unknown whether it was produced before or after this numbering change.

The Austin A40 Devon, introduced in 1947, was the first newly designed 4-door sedan manufactured by Austin Motor Company following the end of WWII. A companion 2-door car, the Austin A40 Dorset, was introduced at the same time. The Devon was manufactured through 1952 (by which time 450,000 cars had been produced); the less popular Dorset was produced only through 1949 (after a production run of only 16,000 vehicles). The "A40" refers to the 40-horsepower rating of the 1.2L straight-4-cylinder engine, which was reportedly capable of accelerating the car to 70 mph.

In 1952 -- the year that the Austin Devon was replaced by the Austin A40 Somerset -- Austin Motor Company merged with the Nuffield Organization (manufacturer of Morris, Wolseley, Riley, and MG automobiles) to become British Motor Corp.

Candy Candy Caaandy!

Candy Candy Caaandy!

Mind the trots, Pierino!
Olha a caganeira!

I got Pierino from my father in the late 70's.... or early 80's....can't remember. These matchbox-sized mascots were quite popular among kids - and "grown-up kids" too :-)) -
I've kept mine, all these years, in its box inside my bedside table drawer....
He was quite happy to come out and pose for my 105mm Nikkor.
The very first photos I took when I bough that lens...

(The candy was quite recent,.....fresh,.....tasty.... and sweet :-) )

popular toys this year

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