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Avatar Plush Toys

avatar plush toys

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Mini Monster - Avatar Na'vi

Mini Monster - Avatar Na'vi

Mini monsters are pocket sized plushies with lots of personality, they range from cute baby pink bunnies to scary zombie bears.

You can design your own monster in your own colours and style.

Each plushie comes with an adoption certificate and a key ring loop can be added to turn your mini monster into a keyring or bag charm.

Made with felt each body measures 9.5cm tall by 10cm wide

T-SQ~darling Bear Spring Welcome

T-SQ~darling Bear Spring Welcome

She is sooo cute! Hand Drawn with Love, Darling Gift Bear Set in Welcome Spring, earrings and Plush set out for all of you! Enjoy and enjoy the turn of season:D.. hopefully the snow chills out for some of you. :)

avatar plush toys

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