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Learning Toys For 8 Year Olds

learning toys for 8 year olds

  • Knowledge acquired in this way

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    8 year
  • Year 8 (VIII) was a leap year starting on Sunday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.

  • (toy) a nonfunctional replica of something else (frequently used as a modifier); "a toy stove"

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So it is snowing like a bugger out there. I know, I just drove through it.

My wife is still sick, got in crap from the Doc for not taking it easy like she should. I took the girls to subway for lunch and then to the new indoor playground after. So she could relax. What did she do? Cleaned the house!

I was not impressed with the indoor playground.. The ones in Mississauga are better and less expensive.

I have no clue how single parents of multiple children are able to do it. It was not easy keeping tabs on both girls. When we were trying to leave it was almost impossible. Had a big talk with my four year old about not listening on the way home.

Then my 4 year old and I did a Daddy daughter date for dinner. (She was listening again at this point in the day) Went to Red Lobster, delivered some baby toys to an expecting friend, and drove home in the mini-blizzard. I should have used a smaller aperture on this shot. I was at 1.8 but probably needed to be at 3.0 or higher so the whole snowman was sharp. Oh well, that's the whole purpose of this challenge right? Learn learn and learn! I can try again tomorrow!

The snow is what inspired this shot. We got the globe at Christmas time from Hallmark and the girls love him! He was just sitting there on the counter and I thought let's play with the multi-flash setup some more.

For this shot I put my 430EX on my video camera tripod and raised it up as high as I could. Aimed it at the glob which is sitting on a chair covered with the black side of my 5 in 1 reflector. The 430 had a Gary Fong Universal Lightsphere Clear on it and was triggered by my 580EX on camera with a Gary Fong Universal Lighsphere Cloud aimed at the ceiling.



Honest critique required please:

For the past three years I've used Elements 4 to process the RAW files my old camera has produced but with the new toy I need new software, isn't that always the case. I'm currently running Capture NX2 for a trial period but will be trying out Lightroom and Elements 8 if I can before I settle on a permanaent solution.
The curves tool is something new to me and I'm slowly learning how it works and how it affects the image. This resul looks almost OK to me but I'm finding the foreground a little dark for my liking, maybe that is down to the exposure.
Any thoughts good or bad are most welcome.

learning toys for 8 year olds

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