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Mcdonalds transformers toys - Where to buy scooby doo toys - Scooby doo toys canada

Mcdonalds Transformers Toys

mcdonalds transformers toys

    transformers toys
  • The is a line of toys produced by the American toy company Hasbro. The Transformers toyline was originally created and produced by Japanese company Takara Tomy (Formerly Takara) and branded as Diaclone and Microman.

  • McDonald's Corporation is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving more than 58 million customers daily.

  • chicken nuggets are not healthy or nutritious at all! Furthermore as the kids along with a considerable number of grown ups continue to gorge on McDonald’s chicken nuggets is not quite what the McDonald’s chicken nuggets are made of.   Sodium phosphate serves as one

  • Just like in the States. Big Mac, Cheeseburger, Fries. Also McPork, Teriyaki burger, and shrimp sandwich. Despite what you hear the portions and food are exactly the same as in America. They’re not that much more expensive than America either.

Vintage Mcdonalds Robo food toys

Vintage Mcdonalds Robo food toys

And by vintage I mean 1987 lol!
I found all these McDonalds "transformer" toys at the Flea Market over the weekend for $1 each! I think I got the whole set plus some!

Milkshake,Milk Carton,Vanilla Cone
Ok so the milk carton turns into a lady milk carton with arms and legs. And the vanilla cone has a little dinosaur head that comes out the top and dino arms out the side. But the rest of the set turns into really bad looking robots!

Day 4: They are not what you think they are

Day 4: They are not what you think they are

McDonald's, robots in disguise!

Man, these were among my favourite toys as a kid. Re-discovered while cleaning out the garage. The coke cup transformer is still missing. Obviously out on an infiltration mission.

Whacked into Poladroid for a bit of photo fun.

mcdonalds transformers toys

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