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Orchard Toys Gingerbread House Floor Puzzle

orchard toys gingerbread house floor puzzle

    gingerbread house
  • An edible decoration made from firm pieces of baked gingerbread or sometimes graham crackers that are “glued” together with royal icing in the shape of a small cottage. The house is decorated with royal icing and small candies.

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Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House created for the Gingerbread House swap on the UKScrappers Forum ^^

I used cardboard, parchment-like paper for the background, another parchment like paper for the circle (the smalelr one is cut out of the big one - hence the crescent shape), a vintage art-nuvoue stamp, torn up pages from an old book, a santa stamp on white tissue paper, two snowflakestamps - in black and gold - christmas flower cut-out, sparkly gold paper for the centre star, three black brads, three red confetti things, red beads, a red star, red and gold ribbon for the chimney and red garland paper for the trimming on the roof. Glitter-glue was used in many places. Detailing was added using gold, silver, red, brown and green glitter gel pens.

I am inordinately pleased with this ^^ It's my first ever Ginger Bread house!

Unfortunately, the scanner mangles all the pretty colours - it looks so much better in real life >>

ghetto gingerbread house

ghetto gingerbread house

my sister and i decorated a gingerbread house last night. my side of the house turned out to look pretty jacked up.. even the snowman looked a little sad.

orchard toys gingerbread house floor puzzle

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