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Keel toys dogs. One year old toys for boys. Best toys for babies 2011

Keel Toys Dogs

keel toys dogs

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Lucky's Favorite Toy

Lucky's Favorite Toy

Lucky, born September 12, 2006.
Collie / Siberian Husky.
His mom was was a Collie.
Dad lived in the yard next door.
Together they made a "Siberian Husky Collie."

1/2 of him is bred to pull a sled across the snow all day. The Other 1/2 is bred to herd sheep all day.
Lucky has lots of Energy!

He is the joy in our lives.

Puppy Dogs - 'Best in Show'

Puppy Dogs - 'Best in Show'

Dogs - 'Best in Show' with Rosette

# 'Brutus' - Bichon Frise (blonde)
# 'Archie' - Schnauzer (grey)
# 'Chalky' - Bichon Frise (white)
# 'Caesar' - Terrier (brown & white)
# 'Angus' - Cairn terrier (blonde)
# 'Fergus' - Westie (white)

'Keel Toys'
Dog size 30cm.

keel toys dogs

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